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Episode 104: Turkey Issues

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sorry I really got you jazzed up huh song do you think I blasted out the Vu meter over there and I okay with your truck but yes it was I probably missed my name

I do have two first names how about Jennifer get it since my last name has been my last name since long as I can remember as usual with just recently started attending the Yale University my old alma mater she didn't take him like she said I don't know she's like a sister thing they're both the computers crazy crazy and Jack and Joey call your questions to 97128 that someone 849-721-2883 Thanksgiving edition of cooking issues and us.

bunch of people coming over and I what kind of wine are they going to bring those people that don't have families or something if you want to get invited to the stash is at apartment for the Thanksgiving or any event just a guarantee that you will a be late and be if you were going to bring something make sure that you get mustache to buy all the ingredients you could have been messing up her kitchen and or bring any 1.5 $5 bottle of wine right is not what it what it takes to qualify to be one of your friends are drinking water no way by Poland Spring

who cares if you like to drink people people assume anyone listening to this program it is a cook or likes to cook anyway and has some sense of what it means to be a a a a proper host like for me the worst thing that could ever happen to me much worse then I got accidentally like having to building a fall down and me being naked in front of a bunch of people which is horrible but like like much worse than that or or Worse even then I can try to imagine something worse but like running out of food at a dinner party I would rather die then run out of food and it's like the worst thing I was raised it like that then that just means that you're low quality as a person he ate too much is that your puny and weak and as a guest showing up empty-handed the only thing worse than showing up empty-handed be showing up with a bottle of water if you don't want to drink

you're going to someone's house if you're not a drinker find bring a dessert when you take bring something for chrissake bring a gift ring jewelry bring bring a book or anyting show baby head show me water just say I don't want to come if you don't want to go to a person's house right if it's too much of an investment to spend you know 15-20 bucks a violin on a bottle of good wine just say no with enjoy your company but I want to drink some water on you staying clean the whole goddamn thing people where do people come from the hell is wrong with people Happy Thanksgiving okay we got this question in from Alex in Florida about dear Jack David nastasha to at the bar or do you have a recipe of your own I want something that would make a brandy Old Fashioned

really pop and maybe another interesting flavor while I'm concocting what's the ideal proof that start with and how long do you age for ideal flavor extraction extraction and what an isi whipper be able to speed up the process or just throw the flavors outbound station help your show Alex from Florida or I will look no we do not make our own bitters at at the bar we use angosturas and pay shows just a little note to you I detest peychaud bitters I think they taste like cough syrup I will tolerate them in traditional drinks like Sazerac but I just know not not a fan in fact at the bar we didn't serve the customers because it's at its illegal but I prefer to use the actual Robitussin to mix with us we were doing like we're doing Sazerac scissor drinks if we were calling Bosak actually was the thing and then we playing poker image to The Simpsons we were calling it The Flaming Moe's Iraq but anyways

so now he's a Patriots fan if you want to make your own bitters first of all I recommend that to get a ballpark what you doing go out and purchase bitters a spirited history of a classic cure-all with cocktails recipes in formulas by Brad Thomas Parsons go ahead and read that that's the book on Bitters to the nice guy good book and you know it. I couldn't look at my copy because I have at the bar for a bartender's to use the reference I could look at my copy this morning but go take a look at that one hit most read most of his recipes are little bit low on proof angostura when it's finished a starts at 45 I mean is it 45% alcohol by volume at that gives you cut about a ballpark and a higher alcohol you anything that you do when you're making a bitters is going to change it really better or worse but it is going to change it so Brad usually does a two-part extraction right where he'll do an initial extraction into pure ethanol and then

iclicker like a hundred hundred hundred hundred one symbol symbol medium proof bourbon or Spirit then he will take the salad out of it then re steep those solids in water at a high temperature boiling said he'll do a room-temperature infusion into liquor for a week 2 weeks couple days whatever depends on the product then take the salad out bowling with water reduce that at that back to the alcohol's to do a two-part infusion if you do is I it's going to change it. There's some people on the internet use very high proof alcohol and extract for less amount of time and none of these things is going to make anything better or worse if using an is Ibotta legit take me to get it out there a while ago for infusing very rapidly that's going to change the infusion what's going to do is anytime you do a rap in a fusion technique at low temperature like is I or any more pressure it's going to typically extract volatile notes more that's going to extract the deeper Basehor more bitter note so if you're going to do a coffee and fusion with is I rapidly is going to extract more the coffee Aroma and less of the bitterness very long time

attractions in high proof ethanol organ extract a lot of the stuff including all of the bitters do it all depends on how you want expected which flavors you want to pull out at you know if you extract to lower proof the flavor balance will be different if you extract the same amount of time for longer or shorter. So the short answer is there's no answer one thing I will save a lot of people where they really mess up if they change the amount of liquor took that they use to the product or they use low-quality or impotent products if your sourcing a really crappy gentian for example or really crappy or Old Spice you're never going to get the same amount of flavor even if you wrap up the quantity then you would if you did if you got a higher quality product refresher product similarly if you were to just say listen I want to do it faster so I'm going to add twice as much gentian let's say to something or if you're doing and religion or something. Worst rulers twice as much right that doesn't make it twice as strong or the same amount of strength and

half the time it changes the flavor but it doesn't make it any better or any worse but as a ballpark for a more traditional bitters kind of a flavor go look at go look at that book Bitters and then if you want to try something that's maybe less on the Deep notes but has a lot of more of the air and you want to do something quickly try doing the I assign Fusion when you're starting do individual infusions are the flavors to see how they mix that you can mix them then see whether or not if you can buy them at the same time you get the same extractor dissimilar fraction could you probably won't adding different spices is going to change the overall concentration relative to the liquid the alcohol present and is very complicated but kind of a thing until you have to practice the once but make sure when you're doing it you keep extremely accurate copious records of exactly what you did so that you can reproduce the worst thing in the world it's going to be something is delicious I mean you can't reproduce it I hate that hate it absolutely hate it when I have one more know but I forget what it is I don't know

are the one thing I was about to say but it's it's gone out of my head since his history sorry about that anyway moving on cooking low temperature pork should be giving me some issues I've done it twice now the same results not fucking a good way to see Funk like a long long time ago font just meant kind of like smelly like behind smelly smelly stuff like that's nasty Funk and then Funk became kind of a good thing I like James Brown Funk and I think Funk is bad to be back to being a bad thing which way of cooking Funk is bad right you profunctor anti anti anti the first time there's a town in Nebraska called Funk did you know that Funk Nebraska there's university university of funk by everyone in the ocean crap on Yale I be going to the University of funk but anyway the first time my funky my my funky funky Shanks we're cooking an Asian style marinade no dip at 85 degrees

85 degrees Celsius meaning dipping them first 85 degrees Celsius kill the bacteria on the outside could have no dip and they wouldn't do a water bath at 60° Celsius for approximately Forty-Eight Hours the second time was with no marinade and a 3-minute dip at 85 degrees Celsius into a bath at 60 degrees Celsius for about 48 Hours the pork shank for cooked with the full skin on Note interesting though change to different variables right change the marinade and the dip so we did what we don't have is we don't have marinade plus dip whether or not that equals Funk right we also I don't know for friends is whether or not both had the exact same kind of funk because it's their various kinds of funk there's kind of bacterial Funk which usually gives kind of a Cheesy almost sauerkraut or bleu cheese or different off note that usually caused by a lactobacillus are growing in your bag either due to not heating up fast enough having some contamination well that's was due to having some contamination not heating up fast enough to kill them before they can produce their nasty rumors

secondly certain meats can have a certain kind of fun surprises dry aged Meats have a certain kind of funk and also if you ever made if anyone out there has ever made a pure pork stop. Give me two Pur porch light with a lot of Browning flavors in it with a lot of everything you just like if you dislike Cook Strait like pork with like no skimming of a stock before hand all the phone sometimes you get like that weird kind of pork gyro meat uncovered by any sort of my are flavor and also kind of without any flashing all for the bottles and kind of know we're moving can have this kind of like Porky skinny kind of like you know when you when you make a very strong gelatin solution to get some of that kind of like weird that aroma so I don't know whether that's what you're describing is found in which case that one that the separation flower going to sumon bacteria who deal with anyway on my question is what is causing the funk I would have thought that the 85° C which is very high in Fahrenheit lamp

turn my folks for 3 minutes would have taken care of any service issues do I need to skin them and is the temperature just too low I've also cook some at 85 degrees Celsius for 12 hours with no issues accepting overcook for my taste think of trying 75° C for approximately 12 hours and next time I've had great success with lamb shanks at 62° for 48 hours so I'd appreciate any insights you might have on this PS my wife and I are taking a track tracking off to the European Union a week after Thanksgiving and will be in New York on the 28th and 29th before we leave our plan to stop by and have lunch at Soundbar and then it Booker and Dax for lunch and Cocktails have reservations for wd-50 that evening redness and red

Booker and Dax is not open till 6 does not open till 6 I'm sure Wylie will let you come get a cocktail at Booker and Dax at 6 before you go off to WD 50 or after you go to WD 50 come by Booker and Dax have some cocktails but we don't open the bar until 6 I'll also say This Not Too Short change your ability to come to my bar and have drinks but wd-50 also has an extremely interesting bar program and I really have a big fan of their cocktails and is my feeling that in general restaurants don't get enough play for their bar programs for some reason. Cocktail writers tend to overlook restaurants when they all look at their cocktails with a look at interesting cocktails they tend to focus solely on Standalone bars and it's stupid it's dumb because restaurant have it was interesting about restaurant if they typically have a large back of house system and often in really good restaurants chefs and bartenders will talk to each other and communicate and the bartender will have access to some intro

ingredients from the back of the house they wouldn't ordinarily have a normal bar so check out the cocktails when you're at the WD 52 your funky question I don't know I would be interesting to see if you did the marinade because you'll see you later if I get to it some marinates have the antibacterial effect I'm assuming that's what's causing it is not just kind of the natural inherent pork Eunice that that you're talking about I'm assuming what's causing is a bacteria the only explanation I could have is that your bags got crowded and if you even with the sea with the high Sea Dip you may be a high C high temperature dip that there were parts of the bag that got bacteria contaminate weather was from getting stabbed with a knife weather is from bags being packed closely together or if you had multiple proportions with sauce in them inside of a single bag and then that part couldn't be penetrated by the by the hot water when you're doing you're one of those things must be the cause that's the only time I've ever had a funky is happening at 60° Celsius you should not have any sort of function is not definitely 75° see if

bacterial problem the penetrations going to be fast enough to kill anything stop the stop it from going going south on you but I would think it's 60 degrees Celsius is also hot in which case I would really make sure that your packs are very very far separated in your bath to make sure that you're getting adequate a circulation amount because usually it's lack of circulation in the bath that's the problem or a very large large large thing is Trump Honest by the way I have to say little bit I'm going to cook my my turkey this year how you clean your turkey stuff what you want to take me from your at your house at 6

it's all right that's it that's the thing all right yeah what are your turkeys like my mom is process is pretty similar to stassi is good for Monday 1 lots of gravy is necessary normally for the past several years I think what are the three years you've been doing this guy's I've been doing my like a bionic turkey where you completely blown a turkey inside out then you make it like an aluminum pseudo skeleton and then you pop hot oil and butter through the suit of skeleton after you brine it that you put the turkey up with an artificial aluminum foil kind of carcass and then you pump hot water through its inside out and then finishing butter and then do a flash Fry on the outside to crisp the skin

and if I do say so myself it's a delicious delicious turkey that's a good idea what your birthday but here's the thing though like my stepfather although the only things he likes our wine and fishing and cigars and I guess third like my family or 4th whatever it is in the dogs or maybe just below chest above or below mean he hates anything that's a big a big mushy gushy know what I mean he's like or a big jump out that he says so you know I fry my first turkey at my mom's house and like a little oil spilled on the lawn and kill a patch of grass which no one has walked on in 22 years and yet I heard about it I ruined it all of Thanksgiving all of it totally ruined and then next year my mom's like a day or two years because I alternate with my in-laws right now but then tell Gerard

going to fry the turkey anyway we're going to fry the the turkey again immediately even before we start cooking goes up stairs and falls asleep

I didn't want to kill the grass so I did it on the flagstone and I got oil in the flagstone and so he went out it was one of those sub-freezing thanksgivings you know back before global warming and he starts any start hosing down to Deck with starts freezing over to try and get the thing I've said the two thanksgivings ruin so I'm not bringing the robo turkey last year I brought the robo turkey cook it at my house and brought a precooked Robo turkey to the to the house but you know what the crap on it I'm not going to do it but here's my technique that I'm going to try to do that you guys can maybe do for the fast turkey ready for this way this is a variant of what I used to do back in the old days the way I will cook a turkey on whole turkey out completely bone it look like you would have chicken you can look at Jackie Jackie peeps has French for jacked up and Jackie Pitts has a recipe for it and chicken salad rolls stuffed with stuffing tie back together is a roll and cook it really quickly cook very very quickly right now remember you don't want to store stuffing in a turkey because you can get all sorts of bacterial contamination and then isn't destroyed by heat you know you can make a family sick all this

don't look it up if you don't believe me but you better get going to do this year I don't want to break a turkey and there was not going to I'm not going to Bone It by cutting down the skin on the back and totally unfolding it like I normally would an inside out until my mom is an inside-out boning don't like I would for a roll of turkey right and here's the baller move I'm going to my mom's stuff in his great I don't care what you think your mom you think your mom stuff is going to crap on your mom stuff and my mommy makes a good no matter what no matter how old is everyone loves their their parents stuffing right jack Joe okay so I'm going to take my mom to let her make it I'm not going to sit there be like a my parents don't you say is that use poultry seasoning cuz I grew up in like that 50s and 60s or they use that stuff is poultry seasoning anyway so I'm going to make the stuffing mix and heat that sucker up in the oven until it's done mix it with a little big rig Done Right hot hot like hell nah I remember I cook a lot of my hands completely impervious to heat I was teaching at the front of the other

and I was passed when infusing snowing in a bottle in a stove and I'd like to take it out of the ticket of that pan and I can't do hot tubs reach over picked it up and held it for a couple minutes while I was talking to prove that they was chopped anyway so like that it's just going to have no feeling it's really a stupid trick text to the end of feeling in your hand anyway so if she says I have no feelings in general she says I'm a monster and not in a good way not like something like when she's a monster she means like they should be relegated to a pit with wailing and gnashing of teeth if you read the Bible and I'm going to take a bird instead of using aluminum foil I'm going to shove like boiling hot stuff into the bird so it starts cooking from the inside out some stuff is already above the cook temp to the stuff he's actually going to act like a heater and then thrown into a hot oven and that he's going to be done Lickety freaking split and it's also going to be brined before hand so it's not in there because that's the only my turkey this year reasoning

take me to take pictures you know I want I'll try I'll try for this year's birthday about for the hurricane and they're doing a 1/2 hour thing of of me thinks it's so anyway so it's a show called the next list the next list of what am I so someday I'll be they Now list but and I'm sorry if I said it's going to be on on the what's it called CNN on on Sunday at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I please watch it and tell and somehow I don't know what I did please watch it

yeah you know you think I'm super happy and excited that they decided to do the sick or cooking a chicken every time that they were like about animal quotes Mark and like they are you on camera because literally like you think the stash is faces buried her computer normally she took him built like a cardboard you know what dogs wear when they when they're when they bite themselves and you put the cone on their head to stop them from biting themselves you guys know what I'm talkin about Chile put one of those around her head and then like tape that to her computer monitor so that no one would ask her any questions I think even though they were with us for hours and hours and hours and not once did Anastasia peep on the dang thing just so she could maintain the fiction amongst people that like somehow I'm always yelling at her and she never gets back Fast Business that should not give access oh yeah okay

Joey Logano Road in I hope they are from the famous song you just heard before is it I know it right and often I know but this is for good reason this is regarding the song a while back de Basque people to create an intro song for the show this is my original song that I allow you to play without threatening you with legal action I recorded all of my basement next to the furnace pumps enjoy it's a hardcore punk version that is certainly a hoot hope to hear next week or soon it's only 40 seconds the ending is a good reading for days calling your questions to cooking issues and that's why I use it I thought I used it well or I will say though

mr. Gargano did not remember the number

I don't say it afterwards but I thought it would be better to get the monster truck rally voice and I don't know what's wrong with your truck I think you should have monster trucks for 97228 I said Monday for 97228 like that of my choice from on food and cooking preferably the section on my yard reaction that one gets me all jazzed up I'm not kidding long until Harold that I wish I'd heard that before. I just spoke to him a couple days ago is going to be in town but not for Tuesday Sunday we're going to vacuum cord it and send it to this guy can you send it to The Herald and see whether he'll agree to reading sections on my yard reaction from what I want I want to hear some tweet saying on my tweet if you guys want to hear Harold McGee call in and just do an oral reading a section of on food and cooking regarding my reactions as a favor to Joy

yes I do to question of what the hell is he in Japan to solidify your fry oil and he writes and gets sent us a picture of it that says look at the label the same as your beloved ziplock bag and it's true Francois that the kind of oil hardening crap from Japan with Jacuzzis in seaweed whatever the hell that means I can build like a weapon of mass destruction out of seaweed if you broke it apart enough and did it well anyway whatever that's not my point my point is that it is made by SC Johnson wax a family company but Francois fortunately if you go to SC Johnson wax a family company and you look up their list of ingredients they only give you ingredients for their American stuff and then they send you for any other ingredients to the Japanese website which is guess what not an English and then I try to do Google translate and know where could I find any information regarding ingredient list on calamari tempura

still a mystery if anyone's listening in Japan please purchase a box of this will look at the ingredients and tell me exactly what the hell's going to get someone from the SC Johnson wax. JP Corporation to tell you what the hell this is how we can figure out what kind of reaction it is a break coffee ottoman roast the breast on top of the legs and coffee Mike before we go to a break there a couple things I think that are correct first of all there's what's the best tasting bird and then there is the necessity as an American to present a full freaking bird at the table sometimes I've had even have my people break it apart cook a bird for Taste and then cook a bird for looks which I think is kind of weird cuz it's a waste of bird but one thing I will say is boning out the turkey which I'm going to do was give the opportunity to make a delicious stock to add to gravy beforehand so coffee my good, I got a question answer for you after the break

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today's program

sorry guys but the response or gift is what percent of pecorino what is pecorino has pecorino before they started making wine with it and then they fertilize it so have you visited this region

Lizzie Borden house wine I don't want to actually Mystic I want to try to get through all my questions for once all right showcase rights in giving us a damn thing right yes yes she loves it seems like a good brand to get I'd like to know a bit about the trade-offs with the various sizes they make it seems like you can get a pressure cooker with anywhere from a 5-liter to an eight liter capacity for similar amount of money I'm interested in using a pressure cooker to make starts beans Etc normally I cook for two to four people to 2224 people are there issues with buying the one

burgers and using it to cook small batches of food similarly do you have to cook I leave a lot of headspace when using the pressure cooker so that the smaller eg5 leader cookers are effectively too small to make any practical amount of stock thanks a lot and I really enjoy listening to the show okay look when I own I own additive to different main three main lines the two main ones they have things called pressure cookers and a pressure cookers have handles on and typically sort of the fry pans and then they have ones that they call stock pots and the stock pots don't have a kind of pan handles long hands that you can hold they have a little like like Dumbo ear handles like a pot has that makes sense. I'm talking about when I say okay so what I own is the 7 or 7 or whatever it is a pressure cooker with the long hand on I've had it for a long time probably 12 years or something like that and I've beaten if it doesn't have any handles on her anymore I've broken them all off there's nothing left on it I've lost the 5th of April 8th it's all it's all history

and I use it constantly and that's the one that I would recommend that you get for any size any size unless you're cooking extremely large amount that's what I get if you're cooking beans and beans tend to have a lot of things that trap air and gas that's what makes you too when you have the beans as a fact that they have, hence the gas so so so therefore you want a taller pressure cooker to allow that stuff when you're doing a release if you do a release I typically don't like Fast release on a pressure cooker eyelid naturally has happened but if you going to do a fast release you going to want to tell her head on it anyways the 7277 Court I get to Seven pressure cooker that I have has a bottom of a 8.75 in which is nice for my stove top so it doesn't Scorch doesn't have a lot of hot spot that's got a really high quality body

all right I'm going to run through all the sizes so that give you an idea because prices are fairly similar you want to get one that is going to function all around 4 you best I know you normally cook for 2 to 4 but if you ever going to do 6 to 8 or you going to make a large quantity start the freezer going to want a higher quantity alright the 3.5 quart has a smaller bottom 8in it's too small I don't know why the hell you would ever buy that because frankly it doesn't take that long what I usually do when I'm working is I'll get the pressure cooker up to temperature with the lid off and that way I can keep stirring it while the lid is off today so I can get up to Boiling and that prevents it from scorching I know some people that just throw the ingredients and capital in and let it come up I think that's a mistake that's going to cause a scorching because you're not moving stuff around wants to live is on if that's your style if for some reason like that's your level of personal laziness and maybe you need to get a smaller one so that it builds up a pressure head faster right but if you're not going to do that then what is boiling it fills up a head of steam fairly quickly so it's not that much longer to build up pressure in a large pressure cooker within reason than it is in a small

sugar now if you all the sudden get a pressure cooker that's so large that your stove has trouble getting all of that material up to temperature fast enough then pressure cookers that are too large are huge problem and I have an American pressure canner that's huge how big is that woman has that is huge and that thing takes a long time to get up to temperature right so that is obviously a problem but something like a 7 liter or you know what does not take a long time to get up to temperature special because as a very thick aluminum sandwich in the bottom of the basic conducts very well so it's a it's a good it's at that's a good are on site since we get to 3.5 quart forget about it the 5.6 l v pressure cooker 6L stockpot 7l pressure cooker and the eight families stockpot all have the same 8.75 inch bottom they're just taller and I like the taller ones because you're actually going to do stock I like taller thinner things the only disadvantage game that it's hard to Brown

lot of things at one time and if you want to do single layer braises it's not as good although I don't really think it's that big of a deal right so with that one I'd probably still go with the one I have the 7 line pressure cooker maybe the eight leader stock pot because I have cook sometimes things are too large for mine now you go to wire 29.5 inches on the bottom and they make fry pan or and a Brazier I would go for the the Brazier of those two then cuz you're not going to need to fry pan handle for that and appraisers a little bit taller and if you like to do traditional braces it's a little bit wider so you can get your osso bucco going and you can Brown it when I'm drowning in mine with a smaller a bottom I have to do it in batches I have to Brown on my meeting batches which is a little bit of a pain in the butt right or not can go to serve a braised out of it that way in your braids going to get all jumbled up right so if you want to do a lot of brazing traditional style you're going to want to get one of the brazing pans 9.5 inches across but you could get one of the eleven in across guys like they make an 8-quart called stock which I know what the hell they call it

stockpot it cut it short like a brazer but Jose courts and I might be a good all-around thing if you're not worried about a hot spot because it's a little bit bigger than most your burners going to be able to handle it handle the full a cord so it's been a great leader did the same size as mine tournaments are little bigger than the one I have what's a lot wider if you tend to do braces anyway and what they didn't use to make that I wish I had now is clear Recon mix at 12 for stock pot baller the Lebanese bottom that's sick anyway they have a new type called a Top Model I don't know what the hell that is never used it looks like it's still not venting but I can't help okay Mike Trent was attacked by not Jersey Jersey a minute. To apologize it's all Twitter Mash Technique Cooking food in finishing together roast turkey starchy purees roast vegetables steamed vegetables would like to do mashed potatoes roast cauliflower excetra ahead of time and finish it while it's

arrest but how to do this without losing quality soggy roast vag dry mashed potatoes lots of lots of books tell me how to cook food none of them tell me when to pause cooking and how to restart an excellent question right here's what I would say mashed potatoes what you're going to want to do cooked mashed potatoes ahead of time and enough creamer but if I weigh a lot of Chef they don't like adding cream because it adds water to it instead of using butter but I actually prefer the flavored cream in my mashed potatoes too but I don't know why statue of creamer butter person better butter mashed potatoes make sure you do it like use a food mill or ricer at home ricers easiest way to you can go to any kitchen shop and get yourself a ricer and you smash the potatoes through a ricer and it comes out like then it's beautiful you don't need to do a lot of post things you're not going to get gloopy nasty mashed potatoes so rice it makes it carefully with whatever you going to add buttercream whatever and then pack them in the Ziplock bags going back to France while my beloved Ziploc bag pack them in the ziplock bag exclude the air

and make sure they are thin on the order of like less than half an inch on sale I create something like that at smashing flat do me a couple bags then do whatever with him I don't care what you do with Tannerite then about 20-30 minutes before just heat up some water you don't even need to be that accurate just get a pot of water freaking hot right and pull it off the stove see no blasted out 10 throat through the bags into heat up because you made them stand the heat up very quickly and you can serve him out roast vegetables are little more difficult because it's about an interior exterior difference of things I would Park look like I'm glad he's like I'd par cook them so that they're actually done in a in a kind of steam situation and then I would hit them very high in an oven for a couple of minutes to finish off if you want that kind of stuff but it's not the same what I'd really it's not the same so I don't even know why I'm telling you that cuz it's not the same if you do is sous-vide if you do a low temperature cook in a bag of vegetables you won't have any added water to him and your guests

that roast flavor if you're not losing any bottles and stuff but it's really hard to get roast vegetables to come back to be exactly the same right I need more time to think about that rather than just Twitter it cuz I haven't haven't successfully done that I usually go around a non roast or what you do is is I just throw them I throw the roast vegetables in with the turkey for the last little dead pull it out let the real special Spanish will a turkey is coming the main problem is finishing mashed potatoes and getting those can you write I wish I had a better answer for your roast veg but you know that I only have so many answers in life I guess I guess I'm a low-quality person what do you think it's not true okay now listen I gave a sort of a half of what was it what word I can use by the way I told my son that acts that jackass is not a curse cuz it's an animal but he won't believe me everytime I say the word jackass a jackass has an animal has like it's rude to call a person a jackass because no one wants to be like hands to a jackass play jackass is not a curse

how do you explain to him that jackass is not a curse words using it to refer to your behind is occurs very complicated for 7 year old have Jack cast Okay so just half-ass me anyway how do you use half of your behind for something

words that come from and ice cream to give a semi answer to he wrote and sang I didn't hear the answer which is very polite way of saying you gave crappy answer the question mark deserve all that I make I should we conserve all that I make or chill seal bags to return the first Epic Meal 72 hour rule at 5 degrees 41 degrees Fahrenheit storage FDA time and temp status for sous-vide in my domestic refrigerator freeze for longer storage I follow the storage FDA storage guidelines and CRV thermic can I safely hold the leftovers for the next day or two under Refrigeration do the set the AC to DC standard only pertain and look on page 186 of modernist cuisine volume one I like that we now code it like it's the Bible 1 - 186 modernist cuisine these infections go away if I use Ziploc instead of vacuum bags talk about that rather than that because I'm sure you already made your duck rillette so I'm going to answer that specifically listen when you're doing

low temperature work in a bag the FDA guidelines are built around pasteurization times for bacterial active bacteria & Beyond pasteurization times for active bacteria the storage is in assuming that you have destroyed the store at the storage guidelines are assuming that you destroyed an adequate amount of the vegetative bacteria that is present right so you've destroyed stereo. Coli if you pasteurize it properly what you're not able to destroy in in a regular cooking are the bacteria form spores of these bacteria are basically box botulism orchestrating botulinum perfringens and I swear to God be serious be serious. That's the one that's on rice that forms spores that if you leave rice at room temperature you can get really sick you'll be serious I love that it's for the best name for the best name for a for a pathogen of all time

where to buy spore-forming things like this because you're not destroying those spores so a lot of the day holding time is worried about Spore germination after holding food Raw it's different now you're worried about bacterial growth by stuff that's already present but as soon as you got a password ization step the question is sports now most of those you know that they were the two that are most common in Meats anyway are anaerobic meaning as soon as you expose us into the air and reheat them again you have prevented you prevented those bacteria from growing because they require a lack of oxygen and so what you're doing is taking away that and presumably you've killed the vast vast vast majority of done a d level meaning 10 to the 6th reduction 6 log reduction of the other pathogens that are present in there so the other like me are the ones that might have been there that are aerobic so the point being that yes I would assume that you are okay to reheat

normal. Of time in your fridge and then go again however as modernist cuisine Five Points out or as we call it the new food Bible do not take my word as legal advice on how to properly preserve your health safety and Welfare right now on the way out the term half-assed I've got it for you give it to me evolved from have ads and add Xanax like tool the curved blade that shape would if you were wealthy paid top dollar for a new fireplace the mantle of these ads in the front as well as the back side which is not visible but if you weren't that rich and you saved money you only have the front visible portion shaped cheaper job being called a half ads job that is crazy and by the way I don't just call that Chief I call that smart because you could have spend some time doing something else rather than finishing the back at all though I have to say when I disassemble things and someone is taking the care to do something on the inside that no one

going to see I give a little secret baller you know what I mean anyway I like that Jack seemed so Deja and Piper of last week's did not talking to his Fame right before we went down to see in New Jersey and I saw cuz we know we're working Philadelphia which is kind of like you know okay yeah OKC Pennsylvania photos at Booker and Dax, copies we went down there to test out some flavors and what not an amazing place right I have never been in a flavor house before to see how kind of it's done professionally and it is bananas I hope everyone gets a chance to visit a flavor house it was an eye-opening thing let me tell you one thing is going to make you sit before Happy Thanksgiving first of all I wish you all good turkey except for Michael natkin who I wish good whatever you're making Michael tell us what you make

I'm interested I want to know what like the most festive vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes are like what's the giant baller vegetarian Thanksgiving turkey not a substitute because I know Michael that you're not substituting I know you don't fall into that trap of making some cruddy thing that acts like a turkey that's not I want to know something that takes the place of a turkey in a vegetarian Thanksgiving that just kick some serious behind so if you hear this before Thanksgiving please let me know on the Twitter what it is that you do but anyway Happy Thanksgiving one and all and then I'm going to tell you about this really cool thing at the flavor house oh my God you're okay listen to this so David Michaels has the largest behind McCormick's producer of vanilla in the world and they have like a bazillion different vanilla's and when I went and talked to the vanilla one of their many vanilla experts there they have like I met and will a queen like a. Of like an hour and 3/4 hours whatever I met like

3 to 4% of all of the flavor flavorist on on in the United States cuz they have like a bunch of them there's like three or four hundred to really weird Dark Art of like craziness anyways like we Met Gala Guru and you know I thought I knew something about now and then I read a book or two on it and I was like I don't know we wouldn't be visited their vanilla processing place to listen to this so they take all of this vanilla and they have barrels of vanilla and back there there's a crisis in Madagascar and it got up so expensive that like the drum of of know that we looked at in 2004 would have been worth like 50 Grand the one bucket and they have bucket after bucket after bucket don't break into have weapons anyway so listen to look at this bucket of chum vanilla because they Tramadol up before they do their the me to drop before they put in the alcohol do the extraction and then after they do the extraction which is all proprietary who ha who ha

play put it in a centrifuge and what's left is spent vanilla and we tasted it and it tastes not like vanilla taste vaguely Brown almost like an olive tapenade right almost like a black olive tapenade is crazy I was very surprised if this then what are you so if you buy the vanilla ice cream that has the little dots and in your life you know what's got that. The real vanilla to listen to buy with the. Here's what they do they take inherently flavored is flavorless actual vanilla seeds little seeds and then they take that and they mix it back into the extract they just made to make it look real but they're actually theoretically and I ain't that much don't worry about the accident that are actually dumbing-down to play roulette to give you the aesthetic appearance that that that somehow it's real when in fact he was already real and they added some extra BS do it to make it look more real cooking issues

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