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Episode 102: Hurricane Sandy, Refrigeration, & More

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Roberta's Bushwick Brooklyn thank you thanks it's good to be back I actually was late this morning off my normal reasons but thanks to bring so high we pretty much boil a giant pot of water on the stove all day everyday

so I forgot to turn off the stove and I had to bike all the way back home and turn the stove off to prevent my house from burning down but if you want to wait that 718-497-2128 now the first week were gone because I was in Portland during the cocktail demo and I had to set up actually during our show and last week as those you in this area will know or in the US will know we had a little bit of a hurricane here in New York City shut down all of lower Manhattan for that's three four days and just wait a lot of people's houses in Staten Island and out on that picture and queens and

Rockaway isn't so we can spend the better part of the week kind of dealing with that we have a lot of questions I already emailed him because we've been gone for 2 weeks I'll just start getting to him any news that fleance definitely good today show to two days after 3 Days Inn hotel along with my family which I saved us from better part of half of the problems because it starts with a cell service in lower Manhattan the power loss it's a huge problem it's it's lost we lost the all all service I will see what I say so we have very little to complain about people but

the people don't care about New York City is that we have in New York City a large population of elderly people who are able to live alone because there are a lot of services in New York in or near the gate if you were living Very Special Part in December but sit right on the verge of being able to live alone for elderly I have some sort of disability but then you shut down everything including power and water and some people living with me on very high up floors and a half an hour walk or get things it's just it was a nightmare for those people and that's does it kind of people you don't necessarily think about he don't live in the city right stuff by my cheese from a saying he went and visited with some of my cheese you know his mother-in-law the day after the hurricane is missing you store that shut down and she's probably under 80 in her apartment alone

crying her eyes out in the dark by herself because she couldn't call anyone cuz I don't have landlines anymore and they had no idea what was going on and no news had known she was afraid to go outside crazy anyway enough of that Joseph William foods and was wondering if there was a cookbook / resources you can recommend to help with my adventure thanks I only have myself personally one cookbook a deal specifically with Cambodian food and it's actually as a kind of book is mainly about Vietnamese cooking was able to dig it out so I can't give you a name of the right now but it looks like one of those crappy 80s cookbooks that used to get back in borders in the bargain shelf in fact

I purchase to hit him The Bargain shop in boarders in the early 2000s and it's one of those books that looks like that in some Vietnamese and Cambodian food and surprisingly it is very good book and they are found on Amazon if a reissued the Cambodian portion of it and I can't see what they would they call it but it it's it's anyway I think it's the food and cooking of Cambodia over 60 authentic classic recipes for undiscovered Cuisine and it's part of it you should just get the one is Vietnamese and Cambodian and I asked you the person who had mustaches job before this. Sure it was Vietnamese Vietnamese and I heard him is that Mindy and she looked at the Vietnamese section and said you had to beat the meat section looks good and and then someone else said that I would like to get if I could get a hold of its out of print is called the elephant Wok cookbook

there's one that looks very short and I know how in-depth it is but can you can find some humanitarian Aid in Cambodia by buying a book called Kimbo Cambodian cooking a humanitarian project in collaboration with ax for Cambodia

hope that helps again is something I don't know as much about it as I shouldn't really have that many

Vietnamese pretty huge

I want by BFDI Cambodian which one nation that's like the Malaysian joint that. A lot of shots used to go to my son actually Booker and Dax who hate almost everything love you and you love it crispy squid crispy squid and their chicken soup noodle soup

I didn't talk to you and Jack this is Eric from Oakland

first time looking into buying one and I do mostly cooking around the house for 2 to maybe help words at 8 and people should I be looking at well excluding the huge ones made by like the American Foundry like a pressure canner style ones just get the largest one you can get but I prefer I have the really tall Coon Recon out the really fat Wimauma to talk to Henry time and I used to have a long handle but it felt so many times on the floor at the handles of all broken off and so now I have to put the lid on with a nearby holding it with pot holders and everything like that used to have a long handle on it

all right isn't that why it means so you can use it as a fry pan obviously but the pot service is not that wide so you don't get a lot of scorching on it and also because of that you can have smaller volumes in it and still pressure cook fairly effectively as opposed the ones that are really wide which sometimes we are getting up the heat you could get some scorching around the center part of your burners aren't picking up know what I mean

and you put liquid in with them so that you can bring that thing with the pressure and what's the procedure for doing that depending on what you can do a lot of times I use milk I don't know why I just have it and it works nicely and I don't know whether there's any functionality to it but it curds up but usually end up hearing it anyway and so it and it being good for some reason I've always use milk

but you just need enough to bring it to a boil while you're staring at so that you don't Scorch the middle closed at bring up the pressure very quickly and in lower it so the milk does a sport or you can use broth or or or you could use water even but, or you could put the you can put their Ally and whatever garlic onion in a bowl like over a trivet inside of it and just had it not touch the water at all those will work so and then

it's not going to have a nursery the same flavor that you're used to because you're taking all of the pungency pretty much away but the good news is you're ridiculous amount of garlic that way without it you know destroying your your pores so now for those who got there who might be like that help obsessed with garlic I think that if you believe the garlic has some sort of amazing Health giving principle that you're probably obliterating that by doing this but you know I don't care about that

do you have time for one more question about blue and yellow

all right I may try to make a Brandy fluid gel for a Thanksgiving dessert and real quick it's my test batch was 3 milliliters is Brandy 2.4 mg to grams of salt point for ground nutmeg 90 grams of sugar bring Do It Center cut off the Brandy ice bath to let set and then blend right about Day 2 Days in the fridge the gel started really loosening up that I'm amazed because you didn't I would inform a really nice fluid gel at the beginning or no

yeah it was pretty pretty sick and had a good texture and I can squeeze it out of a bottle and get an Eiffel Tower

yeah I did I boiled it until I looked up and fire and boil it till the fire went away in that high of a proof of alcohol and to an agar needs a higher boiling point than you can get just out of when you bring a brandy to the boil to hydrate properly so yeah she's getting rid of the alcohol was a good thing how much acid was in it you said

there was no accident and it's separated on it just separated it wouldn't come back together with her. I haven't had to have my guess is that the in the way your formula fluid gel as you're breaking the particles in a very tiny tiny bits that have some affinity for themselves but are floating around in a fluid when you move through them they that they share part quite easily and then regain their affinity for themselves when you're standing still so my guess is that they let more water was squeezed out of the of the gel particles and so the individual particles are becoming dancer and the water phase is increasing and you might therefore be able to bring it back by adding a little bit of Sun is going to absorb some of the water like xanthan but I don't know if that's the case that is my guess as to what's going on

what percentage of jail was it has the same density as water which is not so right around .8 it's nice but that but like small increases in water around that point are going to decrease the viscosity a good chunk and so that might be what what's happening is the balance the water might be seriously more out of the jail and just decreasing the liquid. I mean increasing the liquid in the balance lately that's my guess

okay should I try up a little bit and that way you don't have to worry about it or if you get if you up it you can always up it and then keep a little bit of a liquid around and then dilute it to the proper consistency at the moment that you're going to serve it if that makes sense. Trying to make Thanksgiving Day a little bit easier and as much beforehand as possible and then just keep stirring a little liquid to get the get the balance where you want it

all right good luck let us know how it goes

I don't care

Brian Service Road in about circulators and a show and I feel sorry for them to thank you for making them listen to it first what do you think about the current Surge and popularity of street food made me food trucks at what you think about the current surgeon papillary Street Foods manly food trucks and second do you think it's practical to use sous-vide on a food truck at the chef looking to open a truck in the next year here in Indianapolis I want to plan / prep cook must my protein sous vide an attempt to create an awesome day and to assume you mean decrease my production times without losing any quality for my guests well actually I'm here and I don't really get to eat at a very very often I don't know do you ever eaten the food trucks in Portland at 8 and they're not really food trucks and more like kind of food kiosks

Burlington great I mean I've had Chef Jeremiah bullfrog's Gastropub stuff down in the Florida in the Miami I think I think it's I think it's awesome because he thinks it's not just like schlock artist jerkwad tuition for opening I'm you know it's like people who want to do a very finally focused item an inexpensive price a lot of people I know we're doing it at focus on quality so anytime you're going to bring quality and speed to a lot of people are reasonable price hell yes bonus rice house anyway so low temperature in general truck is a fantastic idea as long as long as you can get that at the bottlenecks going to get a circulator that you can run in a truck or receive a person to do your retherm or

looks like you can do so if you plan your menu item properly you can go from 0 to finished in a normal procedure straight out of the refrigerator give me an example so I know I always talk about steak because I like cooking steak but here steak so I worked on a steak where I did a date it was a very thin rib steak like fairly thin I forget exactly about 3/4 inch I had it exactly calculator anyway so what you what you do is is you fully cooked a thing through to 55° 55 to Celsius in circulator cook it long enough to get the tender station Fix You Want From Me was about 2 hours in a bag in zippies actually so I didn't have to deal with in a Board of Health stuff then chill it all the way down in a fridge right directly icewater let's throw it in the NFL get it down and I expect it down stored in the fridge at Refrigeration temperature right now here's the trick it's coming out cold by thin

so what you do is you drop a steak in a deep fryer just drop the state directly and freaking deep fryer right out at right out of that right out of the fridge into the deep fryer 2 minutes on the but it was something like 2 minutes on the button pull it out now you overcook the outside so unlike normal suvi finishing you need to rest a steak now so it's 2 minutes in the fryer 2 minutes rest on the plate slice and out thing in the states were perfect all the time now they had a little more of a cooked region on the outside and you would have in a normal sous-vide or low temperature steak but they were just more money in the middle then they were perfectly cook throughout and literally 4 minutes total and only two minutes to cook time from fridge to plate without having to have the steak sitting around in a circulator but not even having have a circulator at service time at all so if you

get your portions done that way then you can you're all the sudden you're like Master Blaster genius feel like fried chicken get your chicken pieces such that they just get warm in the center and let's say a 2-minute fry time we have to calculate what that is pre-cooked all of your white meat 264 let's say be on the safe side of the like 63 cook all of your leg meat to 66 all those 65 is what I like to do but 66 is good and then have the slices so that they could go warm through then you can you dry them out batter them show them down

and now you can fry them from cold you know and then pain in my back without having to hold warm so I'm in a truck I would definitely do that rather than having to have a lot of warm holding I will try to do mostly things that you can finish it in whatever you're finishing the operation is me for me would always be frying solo Frank but like that that gets rid of an extra step for the truck was going to be a lot easier if you want to do really high and stuff you could always hold things in speculative but it's great for that right

Dave Anastasia this is in from from Andrew and his last name is Genji in 10 chicken and I'll get to the front station later because I butchered his name prior I apologize by the way that both of the things you're about to mention the options already ended because we've been gone for 2 weeks but I found a couple of items I started by a guy who wanted to help his wife's El Pez Pez dispensers Pez Pez I think they are gross I love them like I can't like I can't eat just one I have to eat like the whole dang package of Pez but they're not actually good to remind me of the aspirin the Bears at the kids children's st. Joe's

Just Dance rather on eBay and find a couple of items being sold by global Machinery I don't really know I'm not sure if you're familiar with their selling a lot of Machinery that was we had a name that's awesome name Global Machinery model 210 polyscience what kind of heater circuit in and out tube and I've used one similar in the second one that you linked to is a blue magic Quirrell water bad likes the word Quirrell I think it reminds her of something something gross like a leaf fungus squirrel right

does now anyway it seems like the first to work for low temperature cooking with the addition of tubing in a container not sure about the second one second one by the way for those you they can't look at it on the web like we can hear actually like I did before one is a head that you stick into a bath and then have tubes that you sent outside or you can shut them the into the out so that you don't go to an external with tubing and just put it in a bath so it's it's an older version of the kind of a print model circulator that's meant to go into a bath and then say no heat an external Source but you don't need to use it that way and the second is it contain water bath that has a drain that it was basically looks like a big kind of a bain-marie soup warmer thing it's a self-contained just where the proportion of a PID controller in it cooking with the addition of tubing not sure about the second are you familiar and you think either is worth buying PS I Love the show and help keep me saying this summer while I hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada thanks Brian Serbia

can you believe this was not from Andrew by the way this is from Brian service I got my questions mixed up but can you believe that this guy hike from Mexico to Canada hiking it's naughty bags I always want to do the Appalachian Trail someday I'll do the Appalachian Trail what's my kids are in the college I told my wife hey we're going to hike the Appalachian Trail shut up whatever you need to think about it cuz you got another 10 years to worry about it would you like to hike the Appalachian Trail some time now you don't want to do it in the US the US I want to go somewhere abroad

yeah Patriot election day I voted already by the way did you explore America I don't that's that's all this is what I deal with on a daily folks people

cure like I happen to love America quite a bit all right but even if you even if you didn't love America the way I love America like we have some beautiful freaking scenery here in the Appalachian Trail is not about putting on your dirndl and going to Oktoberfest it's about natural freaking beauty of actually having to have a lot then fly to where the people Searcy

hey wait a couple months and everyone always they start down south and they quit like they which I probably do to people like crap on this and then they they quit depends on how far how far you go through the mountains and you can't carry a lot because otherwise you're carrying a lot and you can't and some people like a lot of times they'll don't bring too much on the Appalachian Trail and I'll have to throw it away it shut it halfway through you can mail stuff to yourself halfway along so you can pick it up at these weird little zones along there to get food and apparently you smell really bad but anyway don't have hot water anyway ourselves up Mission Trail from circulators the problem with old circulators is this often they're on their last legs they've been used in a lab for long long

I'm an even packed away and the newer circulators are a lot better not in terms of their temperature control but in terms of the bearings that are in the motor so the molar lifetime in Old circulator is not nearly what the motor life is like in a new circulator or new circulating water bath now add to that the fact that the older one is also been used for a long time and also sometimes have questionable items right the second problem is the electronics in the older circulators can also go bad after a long time it's because they've been exposed to a moist environment for it for a long long time so most of time and no circulator what's going to go bad is it out of the bearings or the electronics and they're all fixable most of them but it's a crapshoot now if you get when it happens to work or is in good shape then God bless they work you know what I mean but especially nowadays like the like the ones you said were selling for about a hundred bucks and you have like maybe

20 to 30% chance it's going to be no good so you toss that money down the drain within a couple of months the average circulators going to be between 350 and 500 or something it's guaranteed to work you don't even so I would probably go that route instead instead unless you like to take a crap shoot and I'm with you I do I do like to take that picture I knew now on to Andrew John John's against John and Jillian Virginian

I'm going to get with me on Friday will tuna station day thanks for covering my fat saturation and Frank in a few weeks back I was a bit behind I'll listen to the podcast and just heard the second the other day I had a follow-up question it continuous bad frying operations use a blend of fresh and partially oxidized fat can a home cook you the same thing save the previous batch of oil and blend it with fresh the next time around also I forgive you for butchering my name on the are you all right I should have provided pronunciation assistant is a hard G as in pig otherwise you had it right by the way I like the sounds like she is in pig not GA not g is in something else like he's like Pig

Dave saying he was a sample of Weymouth Burrows a fan of Weymouth Burrows which reminds me of one of my favorite old food-related wsp quote I hate Sprouts they put them on everything they serve eating Sprouts is like going down on a robot damn damn damn damn cheers Andrew janjigian it's a robot you can do anything you want to a robot right you can't have an x-rated robot can you I mean it's a robot

I don't think I have ever met you that mean like I like almost everyone have read Someburros it's like Naked Lunch freak me the heck out cuz I read it as a teenager probably will tell him I don't know I don't think Jack and Jill your Burrows meters right

that was rude to people you know Great American book first of all anyone who is a connoisseur of the crazy has to like a little bit of the borough's his last boyfriend was like I don't know it's crazy crazy go research Someburros you did not drive anyway whether you like him or do you hate him that is one of the great Sprout quotes and I believe entirely accurate back here frying question

usually when you're frying at home if you're actually deep frying the first couple of things you fry especially if you overheated it which is normally what happens in home frying you ruin the oil and have to have it be a good frying situation that said are you can save a portion of your oil and blend it back but fry the fry oil really kind of tempers itself out pretty quickly but yeah I don't see why you can't you know you don't want to you don't want to you don't want to add so much back that it degrades before you're finished frying so it appears the answer if usually at the end of frying the stuff tastes bad and stuff smelling bad and you smell that kind of fishy broken down fat Aroma in your kitchen with by the way that smile makes me want to puke you make me wanna puke right if you're smelling that at the end of your frying then you can't afford to have to go off any faster if at the end of your frying sessions the oil smell is entirely neutral and awesome and when you throw up

futon into it and eat it

it still tastes clean then yeah you can say some of that night if a cat's not going to be a problem so depends on how abusive you are to your oil that makes sense. So anyway going down on a robot Michael Jackson rights in hey Dave Anastasia and I thought he came in the bride I don't know I don't think that when I was there

I was pondering why Refrigeration always breaks down while still owes and ovens are much more reliable I'll tell you why I think it's a freaking racket you notice how your home fridge never breaks down hey Jack and Rose your home fridge ever broken

yeah right. This is your home fries ever broken your parents the how old was that fridge first Bridge ever made you know about you have you ever had a fridge my home fridges have never broken for a 4-year. I had a commercial fridge in my house and it broke for X Commercial Refrigeration sucks here's a little-known fact Commercial Refrigeration sucks and you know by large I mean I knew I liked the good Folks at the Reno Randall but I think it's a racket here's what commercial refrigeration people tell you to say that you don't have to open and close it all the time you open and close the commercial fridges and they they they need to go to a lot more bills and that's why they break no because they do them like crap say vibrate ever notice how loud Commercial Refrigeration is compared to a normal refrigerator it's because they just don't put the stuff together as well they don't insulated as well and they don't Stoddard as well there's no reason why a compressor should rattle itself apart develop a leak throw out at Sunriver

have to be recharged every couple of years I can do it commercial refrigeration the reason anyway enough of a rant on Commercial Refrigeration gas regular old gas stove is a freaking demon leaving the brakes a commercial gas stoves it's a little basil valve in the oven or if you have an electric when they break all the time whatever anyway reliable special gas ones and that's one of the reasons by the way that Americans are so rude aside from the fact that are natural gas is so freaking cheap and that and it's a feedback loop for a for a looking at a gas flame is one of the great kind of visual feedback loops of all time right up there with the with the two switches in a paddle invite a prep one of the reasons that we favor gas over electricity especially induction is even though it's horribly inefficient is because they never break gas gas ranges never break anyway Prayer lyrics

Michael tonry water filtration breaks down and he said obviously is primarily because of compressors which a lot more complicated than just typing gas somewhere and burning the crap out of it like a stove does which goes back to the idea of entropy I'm no physicist but I believe when you're at a heat to a system your increase in the entropy and therefore doing what the universe wants to do what he can heat out of something reduces entropy so you're fighting an uphill battle actually meet metro p r r r separate rides entropy is a measure of kind of the disorder Dance of the number of states and something can take on while you know heat is your form of energy that you were adding or removing show changes in entropy and heat off and go hand-in-hand I mean I was so you can have isentropic I eat the same same entropy things same heat things that you have something where he doesn't go in and out there separate their the two main things that you're dealing with when you're dealing with kind of thermodynamics changes but they're not ashamed

by using an endothermic reaction is the one that when it gets gets colder one that absorbs energy the opposite of burning fuel to produce an exothermic reaction rather than by compressing expanding a gas I found one patent on the topic and it was about using a salt potassium chloride and apparently refrigerators work on an endothermic reaction involving ammonia as well and who knew do you know of any other commercial systems that use endothermic reactions for refrigeration do you think there are any potential for having them a potential for them to make more reliable restaurant Refrigeration or any other ideas for solving a problem thanks Michael natkin okay so listen here is a deal and endothermic reaction shown in a normal I like it endothermic reactions take place because

normally most reactions that take place spontaneously or exothermic they give off heat in order for something endothermic to take place naturally without having to add anything to it the entropy increase needs to be so great that it makes me want want to happen anyway so certain salts when they dissolve a certain things made is all they absorb heat make things colder right because it's so favored for them to dissolve in that situation that actually it is actually overrides the fact that they need to absorb heat energy from the outside so that's how those salts work and that that patent that you did was Coca-Cola was trying to figure out a way to make a soda machine in space because compressor situation normal compressor bass Refrigeration don't work properly in a zero-gravity situation so they were trying to figure out a way that they can add sauce that have an endothermic reaction when they dissolve and create a refrigeration system that way not so efficient to use as a continuous refrigeration system on Earth because it's harder to regenerate the song

Matthew dissolve it then you got it remove the liquid again from it using heat to boil it down and then we doing so it's not so efficient way to do it here on Earth but you can use it for individual cold packs and they sell cold packs that work that way where you have an endothermic chemical reaction and then once that chemical reaction is over then sometimes you can regenerate it and sometimes you can't but it's not necessarily so good for long-term situation of the RV thing is an extremely interesting type of refrigeration Refrigeration that we use you compress a liquid condense it down and then spray it out and as it expands right that changing pressure creates the coal rights of that that's where it comes from a lot of sneer you acquire is heat absorbed from the outside boom right choice expansions to pressures RV refrigerators work in a single pressure system and what's awesome about that it doesn't require any moving parts to the way they were is you heat up a mixture of ammonia and water ammonia wants to dissolve in water

very badly so are you heat that up and you boil the ammonia in the whole systems under one large but under one pressure the ammonia boils off as it boils off the water is stripped away from it it goes up physically up like you know gravity was up cuz it's now a gas goes into a condenser where the ammonia under pressure under the same pressure the whole season 21 pressure that the key turns back to a liquid in the condenser and then drifts back into his own also the same pressure that has primarily hydrogen gas and what it is strangely very counterintuitive we actually what happens when the ammonia goes from being a liquid in a pure ammonia environment to being added to a gaseous gaseous hydrogen environment is it evaporates in the reason it evaporates is it what is it there's a very low what's called partial pressure of ammonia in that hydrogen region until the ammonia needs to evaporate to kind of ameliorate that lack of partial pressure that it has and that requires a lot of energy which it absorbs from

the inside of the RV fridge then that are now heavier thing trickles down where it meets the water again as absorbed into the water and goes and boils in the whole thing keeps going like a big cycle and all you're doing is adding heat in with a heater and removing it using room temperature are in the condenser section so it's a very interesting system you can run in fact if you have a camp that only has propane you run your fridge and your blah blah what's it what's the word blob looking for your stove and refrigerator off of the one propane tank so you know why they don't use them in in large systems in restaurants maybe maybe their penis should say they should be reliable I don't know why it's interesting question Michael something we should look at the look at okay Mike Matthew rights in about sausages hey Dave nastasha and crew had a couple of questions are circulating sausage this coming Sunday which is over unfortunately sorry Matthew

throwing a party where I'll be serving about a hundred sausages I want to circulate the sausage is ahead of time for the day of prep day of day of prep cooking as possible and then reheat them and see them on the grill you feel the quality of the sausages are cooked 24 to 48 hours ahead of time my plans are circulating for about an hour and a 65 degree that I chose 65 since they are chicken sausages and I think that's a safe temp for them the true and the other suggestions on Circle and sausage any good ideas on a liquid to use in the bag with a chicken and chorizo sausage I'm pretty curious about how best to hold a circulate sausages and how long they can be held without that you're ready quality

thanks for your help on this I also not in a demolition right back because they at your at your event might have been canceled because it was in Williamsburg and so it might be in the future now it was supposed to be on 10/28 right and I was right when the hurricane is hitting right okay so the company land house is throwing a grand opening bash at the Woods Bar in Williamsburg where they started serving food on a permanent basis are the menu on the day is going to create include Heritage Park from Heritage foods and the party was supposed to be 2 to 6 p.m. on 10/28 of the woods on South 4th Street between wife and Kent Williamsburg maybe it's going to be maybe it was postponed in which case you know please put a plug-in I'm sure he's ready able to get it out where you're not Jack you will just have to worry about with sausages being cooked ahead of time if you get all the oxygen out of the bed you can use a liquid but I know that a regular like a water-based liquid but I would stick with a fat chorizo fat would be a really good choice actually cuz you don't really need that much special if you're putting it in zippies to cook off

the problem with sausages help for a long time is that with a sausage is developing of rancidity AKA what is warmed over flavors and what happens is is that it's oxidation in the end of the further things that are that are taken out that the further chemical breakdown of fats when they're exposed to oxygen and the weird thing about warmed-over flavor is it happens an animal needs because it's the actual cell membrane fast a phospholipid things that break down because you when you cook something and then hold it afterwards you release iron from hemoglobin and all the other I don't think anything's that iron now becomes available to help catalyze Auto oxidation just like in a deep fryer of the fatty-acid tissues is so but it requires oxygen so I get rid of oxygen I would add

an antioxidant Rosemary is great and I accidently mustache you can add it because you supposed to Too Much Rosemary during the time she's working with cesare Casella are our good friend but love her Rosemary vitamin E you get out any other sort of fat based antioxidant and there's a couple of things you can look at on the also if you pre sear the sausages a little bit to give him my reaction or throw minor stuff that might have an antioxidant effect it will decrease warmed-over flavor and other also not storing for too long it's going to reduce the amount of what's called warmed-over flavor just do a search on warmed-over flavor or wwos specifically the mechanism responsible for warmed-over flavor in cook meat in 1983 also you can pick a Target Wikipedia if you want it also the 2005 article of comparison natural Rosemary extract and BHA BHT Road in antioxidants technician pork sausage and the antioxidant Meyer reaction products application and sausage by lingard and longer than 2017

ripping through this stuff dear Daniel price right there in just a shirt Jac Dave and Joe high again for the West Coast I want to thank you all again for the show and have a couple of questions first this week and I made a big batch of clarified Bartlett pear juice using agar agar method for fun I tried treating my. With pectin X Ultra sp-l and sleeping at 45 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes to increase the yield was hard to tell if it work is there some visual clue when using pectinex regardless the agar method work in the juice is great and I was able to combine it with champagne and pear Brandy for a crystal for crystal clear pair believe I have a lot of juice can I freeze clarify juices without significant problems yes you can freeze him without significant problems if that juice was able to begin with so normal you know like lime juice is not stable so you can't freeze it and hope to preserve it prepared is relatively stable and so you can freeze it and preserve it you might want to let it sit longer you should be able to tell it should sell clarify a little bit unless it's too thick. Which case you won't see it but you're definitely going to increase your

by adding Titan X beforehand sometimes dramatically second I was wondering what do you think about the efficacy of digest-eeze do they really ate the digestion or is that just marketing if yes do you think the flavors matter or is it just the alcohol content I wish I was kind of BS but I know I'm going to look into that more by I didn't have a chance this morning to look at him because that has a bunch of articles about serving herbs to chickens and rabbits and see whether it increases their growth weight when you're feeding them and farms and so like that might be an indication whether they actually work in human so I'm more on that more on that later okay I'm going to do what I want by Jack how much longer do I have

Culligan about

Play Joshua you have a beer question I'm going to get back to you on that beer next week about a pint of the Starship with a email that came through I'm going to pronounce your name incorrectly I remember you from the class cuz he's like he's at he's very interesting stories for me to I don't know what it meant cocoa using pasta maker and to the best high-end home ice cream maker hope you're doing well I can see you look forward to your weekly show by the way congratulations I'm passing it on her show marked exit event okay here are the two machines I would look at 4 for pasta the arcobaleno the one that ideas in food that gets you have a pump that all the time because they were given one for free by the way I saw it would know they were given one for free that's a fantastic machine

I use that when it starts just a couple years ago and it is awesome I think it's around 3 Grand two-and-a-half 3 Gran something like that it's amazing the guys at JB Prince don't carry that one they carry a different one that they call Dolly which I haven't used but I seen it and I tip my Sig my friend of JB Prince Asher's me at that one also works in a similar way the arcobaleno on home ice cream most people use that $350 kind of muscle machine like the Lelo ikemoto machine but I can't really recommend it because it the batch times are too long on it and that's in the $300 range now if you jump up you have to jump now you're jumping to like the $7,000 range Paco jets are awesome it's not a traditional ice cream machine but they are awesome now the one that I always wanted to get was not it has not been available in the US for a long time but they still make you can get in European websites is the Pronto for which is made by carpet Johnny carpigiani machines are amazing the Pronto for the small vertical badge machine I believe does 1 Q

I am there by all accounts and never used one awesome and when I was researching had to make sure they still make it they make a new thing carpigiani makes it I've never used before the police check this one out and look on the web it's got a bad time but they say 5 minutes and use the small canister like a package at the cancer has a freezing up mechanism in it now it's only got three hundred Watts I think we're foreigners watts of freezing but it does small batches at a time and they claim 5-minute batch times and only two or three minutes in between batches it's called the freeze and go as meant being extremely small unit it's the size of kind of a relatively large drip coffee maker and so if I have more time to research it had time to use when I definitely would take a look at the carpa Johnny fries and go all right you're the last one to be able to get you today because I'm going to stop the air I have a couple questions going to miss I'll get you next week I promise even though some of them already too late Greg Wright saying about sausage hi Anastasia not Dave and not Jack but maybe Indie Jesus

I like that let me see that you answered all your friends and family New York City in New Jersey or recovering from Sandy I guess I need to get out more because are you were all on my mind a lot during the storm will thank you because of travel time off and weeks behind on the show but I listen to each and every episode like it's church for a dying Center may be indeed Jesus will save me with his hips are blessings for New Zealand named Rory rolling with a question about Brown the Brown Band at the top of a blended pepper sauce really thought this might be due to oxidation and I think they saved at Dave on a red herring based on the recipe of the sauce vinegar pepper garlic ginger and salt and this is important with no other additives I think we're seeing simple stratification here I think Roy C encapsulation rising to the top of the bottle to prevent decide a little xanthan gum or less it until the next to keep things emulsified this leads to a question for a 3 to 6 months room temperature shelf life which is better in the long term xanthan or less than let's assume we've already dealt with oxidation ascorbic acid

my bed is on less than because it works on a molecular level where is Santa and works more on mechanical level what do you think you guys rock take care Greg all right

well let me know different one is a stabilizer so I would definitely have said that he's going to stop and see how it's going to form a week jail over time that's a salad dressing to stabilize and the other ones an emulsifier which actually makes it easier for things and stay together I don't know that I'll choose lecithin as an emulsifier I'd probably choose a different emulsifier but I typically like when we're doing long-term Health sausages will use a combination of an emulsifier and a stabilizer so San Tan Plus in the most fire so if you like that lesson use that I would use both know there's not one or the other and I did it ever been banned wet if you're going to buy a rice cooker now he want to know whether he has an old Sochi Russia and he wants to know whether he should get that away there's a better one Zojirushi for my money make the best rice cookers on the market I own one have used one neuro fuzzy the big one for years induction and it rocks I don't know where the pressure cooking thing is a gimmick I don't know about the alpha versus beta Beta start I'll try to do more research on it the pressure cooker is going to make brown rice softer and cook it faster and everyone knows waiting for brown rice

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