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Episode 101: Fly Control & Waffles

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we are on Wow we don't have any song of yo what's up I'm trying out a new song and maybe that one won't work I think it's fine if I didn't I thought that was part of the whole you know where Heritage Radio network is something it's like you need a break between the Heritage Radio Network in the cookies in my right my right people, do you lie and every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45

broadcasting in a container in the back of Bushwick Brooklyn and now Jack's funeral sick what kind of sick well I'm just kidding Jack is a very responsible man at least about that so I'm sure that's not it 24 night 72128 I thought actually I just thought it was going to be late because she had to run around like a nincompoop today because we have an event of an event later this have what we're doing anyway

it's for the American new product stuff and helping out a wee one of those products if she likes I'm just joking apparently we're supposed to dress and Caterers uniforms all the only requirements all black sew sequins are all black so if anyone out there knows Source in Manhattan Lower Manhattan preferably for you know not to svelte male sequin to unitards please tweet them in so that I can go purchase my sequin unitard you know Booker and Dax became recently obsessed with the word unitard for that there was a way ahead of me I didn't become obsessed with unitard send the word unitard until possibly College when I was when I first started in band my dreams

what you have here in a band called Racicot plastic was to have a yellow sequin unitard and a velvet velvet coat with lapels that were about a foot-and-a-half taller than my head that went up I was big on Bootsy Collins and I kind of went completely off base and never actually answered that question so I apologize to Tom Fisher Tom Fisher asked weeks and weeks whatever I really tried polysciences recipe for low temperature ribs and while the flavor was amazing I guess we're a little freaked out by the unrendered fat is there any way to do a combination of high and low temperature cooking to get the best of both worlds not answer the second question him that he had with the Black Sea Bass by never answered this is kind of an important question becomes a low temperature cooking

the answer is no you cannot get the best of well you can't get the best of both worlds in that way low temperature cooking never renders the fat or the college in and out of a out of the meat since there's positives and negatives to this one the meats don't get as much gelatin and all sorts of broken down in a college in which is the other throughout the throughout the piece of meat and it low temperature cooked item because the stuff it it turns tender but stays in place and so if you have a portion of something that you in a traditional my cat a little moistened by that buy that that render stuff coming out it's not going to happen in low temperature on the other hand the the benefit of it not rendering out while the other benefit of not renting out as as your guests found out they can be a little bit freaked out by what they think are big chunks of fats and which are big chunks of fat but also big chunks of soft but unrendered connective tissue by the Bay

if it's our that unlike a regular traditional braised you can take my in only shorts there's a lot of Bones and she and it's part of it you can do a lot of fabrication work on low temperature cook stuff so you can get very nicely sliced pieces of low temperature cook things like ribs that are very tender that you can never do if you're doing a traditional cooking technique because they would just shred into into pieces right toe to the answer is no but you know you can't kind of get the best of both worlds because if you rendered that out you be cooking it to such an extent he might have just done low temperature and you might as well just sent you a reason to do the low temperature steps so I would I would say is that use each technique for its own for its own best purpose so low temperature ribs great for doing a small portions that are sliced very nicely and Sauced and serve as part of play the dish components right but if you want rendered out you know stick to your ribs ribs like you know you know Grandma Style

I love daniele GoGo traditional massage actually I think the first impression one of them wherever there's no better or worse not better or worse since you know can you achieve the result that you want to achieve so anyway, I'm sorry about that last week we had a question about cutting boards I talked about cutting boards and was curious out there anyone out there has tried these weird multi-layer cutting boards that are coming out of Asia now where it's it's like literally just stat sheets of thin cutting boards that are semi laminated into one stick board and then when the top gets dirty instead of cleaning it you shove a knife into it and peel the entire top layer of the board of your secrets Natasha you know why it makes a something wrong with you noise when that when the wind layers are separating his name is Tasha hates that because it makes her think of some sort of disease peeling off

dad made that kind of noise in the kitchen before not peeling a disease off not not for that reason but but you and you hate that kind of noise right now that's classic massage for those are you out there who say they should give it to me like I give it to her see that's the only time you say to me in in in in the real world just so you guys get at get a picture of what's going on okay very nice one was ever try the technique of cryo shocking surprise shocking is that is that something was a Pioneer or I should say advocated by you not know who actually came up with it shucking oysters by putting the oyster into liquid nitrogen for a brief. Of time that kills / it messes up the musculature of the oyster such that when they when they warm up a little bit so they're not

Frozen you can get a knife in there and you don't have to worry about popping the belly and you don't have to worry about getting little bits of shell into your oyster crash Truckee now I have to admit you know Chris Chris Young and new Nathan maximum those guys but we know none of that came together anymore whole team split at the hole original modernist like all three of those guys are all gone their own separate ways this point in the end of that era begin so the shrugging I've never had much luck with it they are big advocate of it I've spoken to Nathan about it and I've spoken to Chris Young about I forget exactly how many seconds you put in the idea is not to freeze the oyster all the way through just to shock the bejesus out of it so that I guess kill had been so that it you know you can put it relaxes enough for you to get your knife in without having to put in it cuz when you're putting the force in it that you get the let you get the problems of of tripping shell and all that now Mills and I tried it years and years ago years and years ago and

we know that we just never had much luck with a we always maybe over froze it I don't know but we never we never really we never really were too jazzed about it but you know Chris is enough of an advocate of it that I think it Bears me trying it again at some point that they ideas to freeze it just long enough to get it to relax after it thaws but not enough to alter the texture by freezy just want to make sure that you put them upside down when it's on so you don't lose any of the awesome precious juices that when you cry a shuck shuck shuck oysters have huge problems or anything that makes it work out better is probably a good thing to do should I share the story even though I'm probably not supposed to listen

huge on oyster shucking in fact we saw him not that long ago in an oyster shucking contest that song where it's like all of the Momo cook for racing each other so you can shuck oysters fastest and so Dave Chang hate to think there's there's there's three things he hates about oyster shucking one if you're slow and puny he hates that he hates if you pop a belly that's it is to him you might want to punch you in the face is popping noise like it like that that would make him punch you in the face so we're going back to last week's like what would cause of food stuff that would cause your friend to punch you in the face if you shut the noise from front of a train and pop the belly and the other one is if you serve the customer an oyster with bits of broken showing at that would also like that's like you know infinite I read some Dave Chang so there is an extern years ago that Nick Wong saw do this at actually looked at you so frightened they saw the satanic stop and put didn't go out to the customers far as I know so don't know anyone to think that it went out to the customer saw the dude rinse and oyster under the water to make sure there was no show in a few

even I might lose my cool on that and then it takes a lot for me to lose my my cooler at anyone other than this Tasha like people to pick up at like honestly like to actually lose my cool if someone I don't know that takes a lot right I don't know I don't think so he's having problems with this road of that wrote about his rotary evaporator shoes for low temperature while it's a distillation rate that you used in Laboratories and it's got a couple of benefits one that doesn't it low temperature because under vacuum and when you put things under vacuum you can boil at lower temperature to cook means that you don't have any heat damaged of two very fragile flavors like herbs the other thing is the other two things is it very gentle very gentle not just from a heat standpoint but just Dental in terms of it doesn't have any a lot of bumping and boiling so it's nice that way and 2/3 it happens under a vacuum and sensitive

vacuum in the oxidative a sex when you're very good for number of things like that but if you're going to do legal evaporation giving even illegal evaporation I advocate using a cold finger because you want the maximum difference between your condenser and your boiler to get the maximum recovery a flavor of all of those from things like herbs and whatnot can remember we're not doing primary distillation with the rotary evaporator we're not trying to get rid of impurities like you would with a column still so we're trying to get maximum capture of our stuff back in a republic typically so we won't really cool thing so I use liquid nitrogen but that because I have a lot of it and in a thing called the cold finger cancer but Alvin's using he says he's using dry ice and acetone and he says that the content of getting saturated first of all I do not recommend using dry ice acetone in food applications because I don't want acetone anywhere near the stuff I'm working with and also you can get high like a kite if you have a whole boatload of acetone sitting around and it warms up and starts

using acetone in the kitchen so I wouldn't do that I would use dry ice alcohol you can use denatured alcohol as long as you're sure it doesn't get anywhere near your food or you can pick up some like Everclear 190 5 or something like that and that's that's fine I would use that instead of acetone the other thing is that the dry I mean dry ice and that's just a classic Lag Way to do it dry ice and alcohol but for some reason it's Tasha back me up on this whenever we do eventually try to dry ice in the condenser it never seems to be a smoother work as nicely as when we do the liquid nitrogen in the condenser for for some reason I am not sure why but we always get a lot more boiling and it's just it's always a lot Messier and things seem to get stuck more and for some reason he tries extremely powerful and I tend also to drop for some reason we do the dry ice alcohol attended Gunk up my vacuum lines more because when you're getting when you over saturate in something it's cold like that and start getting Vapor moisture Vapor or are distillate vapor in your

vacuum line or near the point with a vacuum line attaches to the condenser it can clogged up once it clogs up your thing that you gets the Saturday that you can't get a vacuum level in there anymore and the only way to fix it is to is too quickly put a blast of air through your vacuum line to clear it out by using the differential and pressure but when you do that then you know you have all sorts of problems at once that happens it's very hard to get your distillation really right back on track and so I find that typically one way to stop that from happening is to always start your distillation before you chill your before you chill your thing down get the get your kid a little bit of a vacuum to this not a great at you no heat conductor get a little bit of a vacuum going in your condenser before you add the dry ice in the alcohol don't put dry ice now calling the condenser and then start your distillation run but it's very difficult and I really think that liquid nitrogen even though it's not as powerful as dry ice and so therefore it would cost more in the Lawton and you have to keep refilling it I just fine

it's a lot easier for me to vote for me to work with of wheat we haven't had as good a lot of dry ice I hope that helps

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turn shoes online but hate when other people do it

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you're right she's wearing jackets to Lily she's sitting here she always says that she's doing work she's sitting here facing the computer she like you don't know what I do you don't know what I do the first time I ever went and I took a little computer she's ordering jacket and not just any kind of jacket like like early 90s beige Barn jackets like J crew stop German Lake store can you just read me that she says I ask questions and it don't wait for the answer what we don't have all day it is a 45-minute program

Harold crazy the size of the crazy person by the way they don't know Anastasia crazy person but can't stand the vinegar flies I put up with him until recently when they started attacking food mid prep traps do trap flies especially the ones that made it with water and soap to break the surface tension parasites and sprouted then roasted barley but I don't want to cook for a fly that is a lot of work sprouted and roasted barley grass like frosted Everyone likes that says many times before please don't show me a pea shoot I know you like it I know everyone else likes it I do not like it anyway I mean I like the sprout barley you know about it but the germinated mean that's that the basis of many of the foods that I mean Foods drinks that I like in the world are based on the notion of sprouting barley but you know but don't that I should say germinating it

because you know when you're doing multi you don't want the the acrospire to come all the way out of the out of the barley because I had eaten up too much of the too much of the car bow is used and you don't have enough left over to make it to the beer or your delicious delicious whiskey so don't do that anyway I don't want to cook for flies and seems like the Trap attracts and then kills extra flies leaving roughly the same amount to be a nuisance when I put the ferment in the fridge the Flies a betta rapidly so there isn't some other problem in the background what do you do what can I do what do professionals do I can't imagine flies will be tolerated in a good restaurant or factory thanks Tom and PS Dave did you take any philosophy classes from Michael Delarosa at Yale he is my dissertation director if you did take his class would you give him a shout on in there a shout out on their well I'm happy to give him a shout out but no I don't think he joined the faculty at Yale before I graduate I graduated in 93 and I looked them up on the Internet sand

his dissertation was in I think 90 once I don't think was on The Faculty at Yale when I was there and I haven't looked at their fact that we see whether any of the Old Guard from back in those days was it still you know there are some of them are still alive at a bunch of young young people teaching us but I don't know if they're still there but I'm going to give a shout out to anyone doing their philosophy dissertation to Yale shout-out I love that man tweet like it up again whatever I look them up you know Professor Dela Roca is it doesn't feel that I didn't do so much in kind of early Monarch lost. I was more I did to two very different sides of the coin I spent most of my time worried about Play-Doh and Anita and of riding a whole boatload of my papers I need to meet you is designed for like an 18 to 21 year old angst-ridden philosophy student at an Ivy League institution like the writing is just like I need to go back and read it to it are still like it'll be interesting weather 41 year

me it has the same kind of feeling from Reading Mitra Mitra then go back to session read some of the old stuff that you read in college and see what they're still like where they have any feeling better at all what I'm worried about is I go back and I read it I just feel nothing would that be weird to spent like all that time and then go back and field service purpose here is a story so vinegar flies are similar to what are fruit flies or drain flies are all different variants of the address Phila like melon gas range of the famous films are the ones that they did all the genetic experiments on fruit flies the same thing and I hate them I detest them I would why I'm sure that they serve a great idea logical purpose but I would wipe them off the face of the earth. I am absolutely detest them and they are the bane of bars existence because you know

actually just nothing but if you want to borrow and you watch someone come in and do a health inspection of your bar what's he do is they going they grab your bottles of booze they swirl them and put a flashlight in the bottom of an they're looking for dead fruit flies on the inside of your bottles now the health inspector that we had didn't have the brains to realize that we're not going to have that problem because we don't have speed port on a bottle so there's no way for flies to get into our bottles also we are saying we weren't sure if it's actually technically illegal to do an infusion of fruit flies if you raise food-grade fruit flies could you do a fruit fly infusion and have a bottle that was totally full of fruit flies at 100% just fruit flies and grain alcohol as an infusion aside from the fact that I'm infusions might be technically legal would there be a further further legality as a result of the fruit fly from Zales it's unclear to me when I could get a place up to I'm just wondering about whether it's only some sort of Health

read the health hazard from a fruit flies that it might land on something that's incredibly gross and then land on your stuff I want to make I told you I want to make little t-shirts for flies and say my last landing pad with poop you know what I mean for fun or somehow I know maybe a little video to wear a fly is saying no to the flies like not fruit flies but flies anyway so off the office. If I would look out the Ohio State University extension FAQ sheet entomology on vinegar promise or small fruit flies address Phila multiple different species of the genus is addressed a lot they live anywhere there is stuff they can feed on so the obvious one that we think of is a fermenting products for men fruits that are attracted to that kind of a thing liquids also garbage also mops that you have out that are mops that they're wet

dish Rags that are wet sponges that are wet and he's garbage that you know what is lying around now the life cycle of them is you know between 7 and 14 days so it takes a while and it takes a while for them to grow so most likely you have a source somewhere that is a sitting around for long enough for it for these flies to grow now do you want to know what the most likely culprit I think use for something like this is us if you if you're not keeping a wet mop around and you're not keeping the fruit out right and you're not have any such problems drain it's your drains are the most likely place where these are these things are are are coming from for their coming from outside most screen mesh most window screen mesh is not big enough I'm sorry it's not small enough to stop these flies from coming in so all of the you know they are the sites near the technical side tonight you need what's called a 16 mesh or finer which is finer than most a screen mesh to

glued these flies from coming into your kitchen also they can enter through date they are attracted to light at night so if you leave a light on and you have a screen open their attracted to the kitchen until then find a mop a rag or any place like this to to go now the drains our problem because you can get a biofilm which is like a layer of slimy Gunk that inhabits the inside of the drains all the way down into where the Trap is in the drain and normal washing even with hot water isn't enough to kill and or wipe these things out because the contact time does not long enough and so what you need to do if you want to see where this is where they're coming from is in this is how you know where this on several the technical sites if you want to put

tape over a portion of the drain leaving enough like Sarah can get in and out and then overnight and then come in the next day and see whether or not there's any flies stuck to the underside of the table to be indicative of the Flies or exiting from the drain pipe in order to lay their eggs and do and do their nasty nasty work so I had to get it out of the drain so you can you can rip like every couple of months you can remove your drain your ear the actual cover on the drain take a scrub brush and bleach and scrub that stuff out then pour a bayou a in an enzymatic bio cleaner that will that will eat away at the coding it's on the inside of the drainpipe and then flush multiple times with boiling water or out and then periodically pour boiling water down your drains to make sure that you're getting rid of it so that's that's one way to do it also covering up no covering up any Source where they might go in that sweat not keeping any of that stuff in your in your kitchen remember they're attracted

light and to moisture. Here's another good one you can use insecticide like pyrethrins to kill these suckers but you don't necessarily want to have those things laying around something you might not be aware of but that I like quite a bit is a product called gentrol now gentrol is a insect growth regulator the actual active ingredient in gentrol you can buy this a lot of stores you can buy to think on the Amazon is a hydroprene and hydroprene and you can look it up just look up hydroprene vlookup gentrol you'll get a bunch of like things trying to sell it to you if you look up hydroprene h y d r o p r e n e u get websites that talked about the actual product itself what it is is it is a hormone analogs so insects use different hormones to try and steeno try and Signal within their bodies that they need to move to the next level of either grow at the different in star with their name phase

or or to lay eggs all parts of the reproductive and growth Cycles are regulated by hormones the same way we are fortunately for us mammals and insects have different hormones and so we can use a hormone and it's not the actual hormone that's me in sex but it's and it's analogous to it affects the same systems that they're real hormones do and we can essentially provide birth control to Insects so you think about this hydroprene is gentrol is it's totally food safe and it's not a human or mammalian hormone at all so you can spray it on surfaces that are typically difficult to totally eradicate all water from porous wood surfaces things like that things that can trap trap and hold moisture and a great reading places for of these these wretched flies you can spray gentrol on them you know a couple of times it last for a good long while in there and it will provide continuous birth control for fly sex

I will not be able to reproduce okay so you know we we use this and it by the way it works on almost all insects go to read if you want to read scholarly paper on it go read hydroprene mode of action current status and stored product pests management insect insect resistance and future prospects by SM Mohandas that's available it's in a magazine crop protection 2006 and available for free on the website and it goes through what it does and all of their studies of it and it's it's good stuff in central it also wipes out cockroaches and also wipes out moths so you and I think it also might work on flour beetles and things like that so if you're having some sort of hard to crack infestation this probably do is something somewhere in your kitchen you can't find that these suckers are attracted to spray this on it they'll go back to where they came from wherever they lay eggs and those eggs will not be for tile so it's

it's good stuff hope that the way things you like to do you have any problems at your house really even though you live in Hell's Kitchen hell's kitchen's like you know it's like an older of the building you live in or the more people in it the harder it is to kind of eradicate these things we once had a you know I've had it work Wonders on cockroaches agentra may I like it and you know it's nice to find something cuz I have two kids in my house I don't want to spray a lot of poisonous stuff around you know I mean I used to have no pets now we have the two hamsters on hamster escaped my kids had the hamster hamster escaped but another hamster and the other hamster showed up like a week and a half later like the prodigal hamster he was totally emaciated and messed up and like you know I like it like you know on a forced March kind of situation my wife's on was pretty crazy but she's like oh my God

you come back and get Rhino and and like we had to cages and mini storage cage right for the and the big one in the New Hampshire Sulu had the rent in the Run of of both hamster cages right and then all of a sudden Rhino comes back

if she will get shoved in a small cage Rhino gets his big case back because they hamsters can live together cuz they might need a rip each other to shreds and we were like holy crap and we're like wow it's just like the prodigal son from the Bible Hey Dad how was the couch come you're so much nicer the one that they did all this other crap he's like I always had you as a son but this time I lost it now I have him again what kind of message is that crazy or parents or never been or young or whatever okay will you read The Prodigal Son at you know sexual the Bible you're like that is some notable what the hell is that you know what I mean like this is horse crap then once you become a parent you understand it because it's true you think you've lost something and nothing is worse than the loss and then when it comes back it's like

kill the fatted carrot The Prodigal hamster is back

hey David color you're on the air my question is I'm looking for your tits to make the best pancakes and waffles

Wu Whittier Whittier criteria for for a good pancake and waffle cuz the answer depends on the outside it's got some some fluffiness to it and I'm also interested in maybe going the Savory route also so both for breakfast and and ensure for dinner dinner most people on their pancakes now things will be like that right I mean like most people want a different texture on a dinner pancake than they want they want usually more crepe like on on a dinner style thing and it's the secret to Crepe like things is to let the batter rest a long time not only because of hydration issues but to make sure all the air is out because it's very hard to get a good spread on a crepe if there's any are left over

batter okay but right now but if you want to do standard pancakes and waffles if you do if you research old recipes on pancakes and waffles you'll find that the major difference between them in fact in some way is the only difference you need to pay attention to between them is that a waffle recipes going to contain a significant amount of oil or oil like saying like butter okay and the reason is is you need something to you need something to reduce the sticking to the sides of the of the waffle iron so if you try to do a lower-fat version of a waffle you'll see you'll find that it just sticks like a like like nobody's business modern-day waffle irons have Teflon coating on the inside of them and are much better at releasing and so don't require as much fat in the miss the old school recipes and so you'll see a lot of more modern recipes really toned the fat level down because if a little

be quite High we're talkin you know like over well over half of a cup of a half a cup like two sticks of butter worth yeah well over a cup right in like a 4 and 1/2 cup flour recipe so you're a significant amount of I find no. I like it better with that high amount of fat in it now I used to try various different things in my pancakes and waffles so I use the same a long story short I use the same recipe because I'd rather have them more fat in my pancake recipe then the less fat in the waffle and makes it easier to remember so I use the same batter for both pancakes and waffles at the recipe also what I do is I hydrate a certain portion of the flower in my liquids before I before I start working I use buttermilk because I like the results I get so the recipe that I actually use at home not really measured so I have to give it to you is I use a quart of Buttermilk write the regular cultured like buttermilk with isn't

free buttermilk book that's what everyone calls buttermilk I use a quart of that five-hole I use extra large eggs I don't know why but I always have five extra large eggs I then add a portion of the flower are usually I'd like a cup and a half of my wife and I actually like the taste of it so I if I'm going to use a non traditional flower at this point I added then and I used a lot of times he's a mixture of oats and or buckwheat flour and or cornmeal and or you know some little bit. You can't use too much weed trim some of that sum or holy all different kinds or or chapati flour at this point I add it now right at this early stage along with vanilla which I usually use vanilla at that point and if I'm going to use it rum and also sugar to taste it to make it a little bit sweeter and that's what I meant for the Savory recipe OK blend that thing together in a lot of hydration to start there's so much there's so much

there's so much moisture in that you're not going to develop any gluten don't worry about it I hit it with a stick blender to get it really well Blended at that point you don't need to worry about gluten development at this point I melt I also salt should I add some salt to it and then melt later for a little while then I melt two sticks of butter what should I get a cup or mixture of oil depending on what you're doing if you don't want the butter Blitz that and then I add a portion of the remaining flour and then it sounds like a lot but 4 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and I used to only use for and I used to also make a dinner recipe with the flower I added but I decided I like my pancakes thicker and so I add a slightly more baking powder I take it up to four and a half and I add a little more flour to make a stiffer if you want it thinner and you want the pancakes a little thinner and not quite as fluffed out more be less cakey then take it down to four teaspoons

and I don't know as much flour at the end so 4 and 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and two teaspoons soda to counteract the acidity from the buttermilk and to do extra leavening then I stir in enough flour to get the consistency the texture I want and I cook I cook them on a large crepe maker actually cuz I have a crepe maker from France and what I usually do is I'll hit it with a little bit of a high initial heat to start the quest going to it's also there's a big wall up of a of a heat load on your pan because all that moisture sticking to it and then I'll reduce the heat down wait for the bubbles when they break I can see that I cooked enough to my pancake for a good flip time flipping and cookout that's how I that's my standard pancake and I use the same recipe for waffles I tend not to try any of them more, I've done the many times but I don't do a lot of more complicated stuff like separately with the egg whites and and then fold them in because I find that it reduces the structure on the inside of the waffle or pancake to the extent that it's not what I'm looking

that makes sense that makes sense with you sit in and putting Ethan to the overnight thing for flavor but then are doing standard Rises on it and you know that you can do whatever you want the overnight ones they they taste great that they tend that they have a very unique flavor I actually really like them but not everyone's a fan of that kind of a used to flavor but I think they're great I also used to I used to use sourdough that's not right for bread baking ideas too far gone it's very sour but I used to keep that stuff around not and then I would I would try to reconstitute it into a real bread starter to do bread but I would use that starter at as a as just an addition to sourdough

pancakes were then it's functioning a lot more like the buttermilk that's also delicious but remember like those kind of prefer Mensa going to change the structure of the flower little bit so the the pancakes won't have quite the same texture as a non fermented pancake will not better not worse different still. Have a little bit of that glossier in her crumb structure that you're going to get from a Sourdough then you would come a normal normal kind of a a pancake thing as regard fruits gluten development I think of the brakes I can I use a break things down though the acidity is is a messing with the with the structure I think the same way that it sexy weakening it but you know I would think by having done the research on a man that's a tough off the top of my head on fruits though I tend not to mix fruit into the batter unless they are completely dry I don't want her to bleed out and also it's harder to dose them in so I always add them to that I put the pancake down I'll then add the fruit and the correct the correct dosage and pattern to the pancake

and because I'm extremely anal I will take a spoon and paint the thin layer of batter over the ovary piece of fruit before I flip it that's how I do it I used to do this also with I used to use frozen blueberries all the time in my in waffles let me tell you this it works great except for expect to buy a new waffle iron every couple of months because the blueberry Burns onto the surface of the Teflon and it is they are never the same again until eventually you're you're a waffle iron is going to start sticking and you can sit there with with a go or wooden Chopstick and try to scrape that stuff off as much as you want to but those waffle irons never come back to the same condition after you stop after you started putting fruit in to them now maybe worth it to you and I thought it was worth it for a while but yeah the last time I had my waffles start sticking uncontrollably I was like I'm just not doing this anymore I haven't replaced my wife are my sons are like Dad can you buy a waffle iron again

I'm like yeah I'll get around to it being a good wife are my last one was one of the flip guys and one simulated professional style the flip ones flip ones are actually designed to have a much more watery dough and there's a sign to cook a lot faster and have a lot more of an empty inside that's why they flipped right you flip it so that you can get the equals 6 on your side but even so I use a standard recipe in them and they they work great I love the flip guys cuz there's so much faster I mean no one to design the perfect waffle iron yet what you really want is a waffle iron that that you know plugs into a 220 source and can make for real size waffles at once Because unless you're feeding only yourself let's face it who cooks waffles for themselves to huge pain in the butt to crank out enough waffles for everyone and then have everyone eat at the same time don't you agree on this something to give me more credit than others I know I hate that people don't have the power to typically do it I want invested in a bunch of old cast iron waffle

I just want to make the really thin weird little waffles they always stuck a little bit they were never as release friendly as the other one but they did allow me cuz I have six burners I could crank out a whole bunch of them do you like a little cast-iron guys what is she sucking it's cranking it's it's it's going pretty well I like it certainly the only way to get out a bunch of waffles at once is to fire up a bunch of burner for the bunch of cast iron

well let's let me ask you more about the Savory one because I got I had a recipe for kimchi pancake that it was potato starch all purpose flour pretty pretty nicely but it's a very different kind of deal because it's got a lot of a lot of kimchi in there in the NFL and a fair amount of

right you know do you do any thoughts on that on that for the safety application what did you not like about the texture of it I like it I don't know if if you know if I can take

if I can do that that that one to one with the potato starch and and the and they all purpose flour into either for other kinds of other kinds of things I've never done that high of a ratio I used to all of my cookies I used to bake with a like a 521 ap2 cornstarch face to soften them you know probably they're adding the cornstarch there to soften the pancake up a little bit so that the actual structure of it's not too gluttonous it's not too tough which would I get help if you were going to do a lot of them whipping or beating but again I'm also using a lot of low gluten stuff in my current pancakes I never have a problem with them getting tough I'm using a lot of things like oats and and stuff like that a fairly High usage is so you can probably usage rates that is so you could go on a flower basis so I'm sure you could I'm sure you could use it for whatever you want if you like the texture of that I've done that much of of 9

has flowers but I never use that much cornstarch it should hydrate relatively quickly you know potato pancake

little bit the inside that way but the outside Chris up very nicely to be

it's from The New York Times website actually it's just want to rest at some restaurant in in and I have and I think cool thanks a lot though temperature especially beef and chicken I don't recall much advice for lamb though so if I have a 2 lb lamb shoulder roast in my position I'd like to ask for some pointers my plan is to cook it at 60° AKA 140 Fahrenheit which by the way people I said it's a million times remember that one always act like if you remember no other Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion remember 6148 my circulator chill retherm and finish in a 450-degree or 500 degree oven for service I like my lamb medium is 61 medium in 60 degrees Celsius and appropriate temperature it's what I aim for when I'm oven baking oven

but I wonder if you have a dick with a recommendation for long cooking in a circulator to I'm planning on cooking for 6 to 8 hours and I want a balance between breaking down connective tissue and not making it to muttineni is this long enough next at what temperature should I reheat thermit to get it warm without overcooking it during the final oven Browning 134 instances that a good is that a good thing the internal temperature to read thermit to thanks Derek okay

first of all to me 60 but I looked up online to me 60 seems a little bit High look at me a little bit higher for cooking for that long the longer you cook it the kind of lower you can get the temperature down in unless it's strictly speaking to color issue going to go up 60s not too high Iowa tried it when I would do it at 57 or 58 but 60 is probably going to be fine you try it's not going it's not it's not going to be horrible if you really want it more on the on the well not well but other medium size 60 might be a good number I don't think that I don't think that 68 hours is going to be enough you're probably going to want to go longer like 12 to 24 at 60 but you know your problem is is that you are you wanted right so the longer you just need to take as much cooking at his other things because lamb its land so it's it's younger so the connective tissue is easier to break down and it is in an older animal

take as long a time as you would with it with an older Animal but it's still probably going to take longer than 6 to 8 hours you'll get some tenderizing effect is 60 / 6 to 8 hours definitely but it's going to be the difference of taking something let's go back to Stake Land it's going to be the different to take you something from skirt steak texture to rib steak texture okay not the difference of taking something from you know an undone Braves to a done braised so might be tender enough for you but that can't be like if it's going to be at you're going to do something at 60 so you're going to do it that high temperature I think you needed to get really really tender in order for like that level of doneness to be pleasant and which case you're going to need to go longer like like eight Nick 12 to 24 I would probably took it as high as 24 I think that the money flavor is going to come out is going to come out by 8 hours anyway if you're having a piece of going to get one of those gave me money flavor so I don't think that the extra 12 hours ago

accentuate that cooking that much anyway usually when a meat protein is going to start throwing off a gamey Livery muttknee taste it's happening in the first 4 5 6 hours so by the time you get to eight or nine I think the flavors already developed not that it won't intensify over time now if you're going to chill this guy all the way down I think that you know I still think that it's only 2 lb so I would do it in a very high temp oven to Brown up the outside and don't worry about how warm it's going to get in the middle you could throw it into you could retherm it 1:30 what's happens in Fahrenheit if someone do that mean in Celsius but someone do the conversions like Celsius to Fahrenheit for me

yeah what is that

Statue of Liberty network 54 54 463 thermostat like 52 I would bring it up at like 52 up the temperature for like half hour maybe something like this depends on how thick you are go to sous-vide Asher whatnot and find out how long it's going to take to get up to those temperatures up to like 50 in that range and then sear It Off from there or even slightly before it gets up to that when the center is like in the 40s or the centers in like the you know like in the mid-forties you could get a good roast on the outside you're not going to overcook it

that's what I would that's what I recommend what do you think so or you can just pull it you can just drop the temperature of the circulator for the last hour if you don't want to chill it down drop the temperature of the circulator for the last hour throw ice cube drop the temperature in circular 250 pull up directly from the circulator and throw it into the and throw it into a hot oven and you should be alright okay hello when I cook low temperature sous vide at home I typically serve all that I make or chilled seal bags to return them for a separate meal typically I follow the 72 hour rule for 5 degrees Celsius is 41 degrees Fahrenheit storage as for the FDA time and temp standard for sous-vide in my domestic refrigerator or fries for longer storage if I follow the storage the FDA storage guidelines the food can I safely hold the leftovers for the next day or two under Refrigeration do the FDA sous-vide standards Pages 1 through 186 and modernist cuisine only know volume 1 page 286 I guess

only retained a time spent in the anaerobic environment I eat until the bag is open do this restrictions go away if I use Ziploc instead of vacuum bags I have some duck confit sous vide at 180 for 8 hours children's store in the freezer for a month and I would like to use it to make reacts what kind of storage and serving window would be appropriate. Thanks again for all your help that that is a really really good question so

if you're if you're storing it for a month right you're going to want to have your storage as per the store sings all the way down at 38 Fahrenheit however with a confit you're going to cook it right so what they're worried about on that probably is a botulism problem and you know if you're going to reheat it enough

I think you're going to be all right you're going to cook it in recooking to make reacts with it what kind of storage and serving window will be appropriate if you pull something out of a bag and you consider safe it should be all right to it to redo it normally there's two issues going on and you rightly point them out here is one is you're worried about you know an aerobic things going wrong in your bag i e botulism or Mike or facultative bacteria micro aerobic stuff like listeria going on you're going to wipe out the listeria so you're worried about things that are spore-forming like if you do a good job cooking so if you're actually cooking it properly so you're worried more about things like botulism and you still know what Rob for some reason my brain is totally fry I'm trying to pursue everything that you're that you're saying and I when we comes to safety I want to make a hundred percent reliable judgment as to what I'm doing so I'm going to go ahead re-read your question cuz I when I read it I thought I could ask if you hadn't answered most a few things off the top of my head but I want to make sure I give you exactly the right advice on the order of

you're doing things where they're going to go so I'm going to hold off on finishing your question for 4 next time and on my way out we have a question from Mike krysheski says oh by the way he says before I'm done he says you guys need to have a TV show for your from your lips to let her know some producers here's the problem is very few people want to actually do is show the way that we would want to do is show which is I like to just go a lighter just like to go crazy on thick or subjects for a long. Of time and most people they don't they don't like that so much right right it turns out turns out I don't like it so much my question is are dairy products in heat I sometimes add Dairy to hot dishes for instance I might finish a curry with a bit of yogurt or add sour cream to a popper kosh which I haven't had one in a long time anyway sometimes with Jerry curls and looks gross it does look gross you're correct I think it has something to do with the whey protein denaturing and finding to the cape Rose casein protein

could you explain exactly what is going on any possible solutions one-trick I found with sometimes works is tempering the dairy with a bit of the hot liquid and then incorporating it back into the main pot thanks Mike okay what's happening is is that the in something like a sour cream the stuff is partially quaglia broken together but it's still okay start in its acidified so it's right at the place where it's going to break and Kurland look awesome very very touchy and this is why all the recipes recommend to you that you know don't heat a sauce after you add the sour cream to our you're very gentle when you heat it another reason they're asking you to temper the stuff in is because if you put the sour cream directly into the hot sauce especially if it contains acetic things like tomatoes that are adding to the acidity of it right it will tend to break right away where is if you are if you're stirring that that the dairy product and adding hot liquid into it it's much more gradual change and so you're not going to cause a kind of the instant break where it where it's going to happen

the beat the recommendation that's why that recommendation is there right the breaking is enhanced by heating which is why the recommendation is also there to not heat up the saying the other one that works is to add a stabilizer so if you're adding a stabilizer a lot of people put either starches or flour in and the flower prevents the. Prevents that they they they glomeration of the of the casing and so it prevents that Coeur d'Alene and that near that's doing that on the other hand that's going to muddy the flavor someone of the buy masking it with the person who is now with Piper's what type of job with this and get it for the next show to do a certified dairy products that don't curl he made a really acidified dairy product for us yesterday it was kind of this kind of what you think about that

you can do that again my brain totally bad I didn't didn't read precisely what you would said I don't think it is the Whey Protein binding to the casein proteins although I will research it for a for the next time as well as answer a question about pectinex that came in that I didn't get a chance to answer until next week cooking issues

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