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Episode 10: Chocolate at Home

wishes French hello you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you live every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 cooking issues a show or you call in with your cooking issues and we hope to solve them calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 this week's cooking issues is brought to you by the Barr house the Barr house is a proud supporter the Heritage Radio Network about her housework the family vineyards in small bottlers from around the world to bring only the finest and most flavorful wines to Market to learn more about butter house please visit them on the web at or call them at 917-463-3076 that's 917-463-3076 that's not our number that's the barber house is number and today we're actually sampling one of their one of their why

this wind is from from Uruguay and it's a mixture of what's a mixture of its tempranillo and I know it's not tonight I think it's tonight with attitude anyway we'll get to that in a minute but the name of the wine I swear to God the name of the wine is like it's the best name for a wine ever I could see a cult following building around a wine called Boozer I mean it's just genius I am never actually anything had a wine from Uruguay before but it's quite nice and in tonight's very interesting Friday because several years ago a scientist out of England did a study trying to figure out what it is about red wines that actually makes them healthy cardiovascular standpoint and he settled on this class of chemicals called procyanidins that are in red wine and he did a bunch

studies where he basically studied the cardiovascular health of different people different regions and discovered that people that drink a lot of wines that are high in personality and Spacek Ali got less heart disease at his findings right and turns out that the wine with the most the variety with the most procyanidins and it is is tonight and so I tend to believe that all health and food stuff is horse hockey and will eventually be proven wrong but if you believe that sort of thing that you know that you're going to get super healthy from drinking a lot of red wine then obviously there are some cardiovascular benefits of drinking moderate amount of alcohol but anyway whether or not this particular analysis is correct tonight as made a splash over the past couple of years as perhaps being an extraordinary Li cardiovascular health cardiovascular Lee healthy wine but I think it's quite enjoyable what do you think

I really can't I might I don't know how much this cost but I might I might actually buy it just so I can I can refer to all liquor is booze and my wife Jen she hates her she's like the way it sounds so course you call it booze and like I can't help it and then maybe we should take our color hey Julio my God I feel terrible I meant to do the research this morning and I got all all tied up I feel as if it's interesting that I didn't do my homework because I actually am going back to class later today I'm retaking organic chemistry at NYU just a brush up and so this is a prefigurement of what it's like to not do your homework in to be caught red-handed not doing your homework but you know I was trying to think more about it specifically you were

you're interested in meringues that have a lower sugar content correct do you want to be able to make them at home or do you just want to be able to purchase them I appreciate anything sweet that I can make it home that I don't gain weight on remember what I said before the good thing about meringues is there actually a very very large percentage are so they're actually not that caloric on a volume basis and so they're they're actually very very good snacks to have around if you have an intense Sweet Tooth but you want to eat you want to eat something is going to satisfy that sweet tooth but you don't want to get a lot of calories because they provide a lot of Sweet Sensation for the amount of calories they had I remember I said last week and this is what I was going to investigate Morrissey whether or not we could do a high-intensity sweetener mixed with high intensity sweetener mixed with

like a bulking agent like that you know like a non-nutritive sweetener that has the properties of sugar that you wanted a meringue I'm hesitant to do it though just because it goes against kind of what I would I spend my time thinking about just trying to always increasing from a quality standpoint not necessarily to try and get around different issues but but but this time I swear it and nastasha the hammer is usually the hammer for other people but not stasha you going to force me at early in the week rather than wait until the last minute and even if you even if you don't have a chance to actually I won't be we won't be here live next week because I'm be teaching low temperature sous vide cooking at the school but I on a stack of Bibles promise to get this information and in either the next time we go live if you call in or or else I will I will get this information to you somehow

here's your penalty for not doing the homework what's a good what's a good recipe for kale you know I live near the Farmers Market on Union Square and there's beautiful tail out now I always like I said I always I've had kale raw in raw food places in and I don't really like it raw I would recommend cooking it like you like you would basically cook any green which is just a you know I actually like hell when it's kind of overcooked I always at chop it I don't bother removing the large move just the end of The Stand by to take the whole day now but I know some people that take the vein out of the center of the kale and then chop it are usually sautee I would usually sauteed onion and then at the last minute throwing the garlic and then throw into kale which will provide provide its own moisture as it Cooks down and then you can decide whether you want to add any sweetener I'll definitely hit some acid after it's done cooking down

aoudad little acid at the end of brighten it up and you know make sure you had enough saw what he thinks. She you cook greens like that right how do you do it once and Natalie having something very similar to kale and then prepared it was pine nuts and raisins like any kind of cooked green although you'll be upset with typically when I do it I cook a lot of meat into it as well and and mixed beans meme I grew up eating basically every week my mom would make it an s-curl dishware she would take escarole and we would we would do the onions and then the garlic and then and then basically hot sausage and bacon and cook it down and then we would tell me what I'd the escarole which is a really good bitter green and I would counteract with it you know what the bacon and then we would add some acidity I would usually at in the form of mustard all that you could use vinegar or lemon and then we would finish it

actually with beans with the you know with white beans it would have been super hearty Greens and Beans and bacon and mean you can't really go wrong ahead and go make that cuz that's no childhood childhood memories wake of the following week and good luck at the next week you so much and I believe most will let you know whether or not our heart feels any better when we're done finishing the booze or whether the procyanidins in the 10 that are actually helping us or not

but we have a question from Gabe in New York City any advice for making chocolate home well gave you ask the right people there is a website called chocolate Alchemy. Com which caters to making chocolate at home and basically what that they everyone uses is a small when you're making chocolate one of the steps is that the grinding of the chocolate right there's a bunch of different steps when you're making chocolate assuming you already have beans cocobeet you have beans in a roasted so you want to break those down first to a grind and then basically they can ground to a finer and finer to mention the whole point of grinding down trochlea so that you don't feel the greatness of the chocolate after its ground you want to get the particle size very very small down to like you know 20 20 microns or so and what would that does same time you grind your doing a couple things when you're reducing the particle size of both the chocolate and sugar that you've added you're also making sure that the cocoa butter is totally covering all the particles

it's nice and smooth and you don't have any cocoa particles are encoded with butter okay now that said basically chocolate you can't make chocolate just out of cocoa beans out of nibs because chocolate bar chocolate has more cocoa butter in it the fat from Coco than is in the whole being so you're going to need to get ahold of some cocoa butter right usually you get the deodorized cocoa butter because most cocoa butter you get apparently I'm told wasn't good cocoa butter to begin with so they have to deal with her eyes it but anyway that's what I use at the school you get cocoa butter if you end and you get cocoa nibs now there's two pieces of equipment you need you need basically a champion juicer right cuz champion juicer also makes things like peanut butter and that's the way we use it when we were going shopping so champion juicer has a bunch of little teeth and just grinds up the nip so you throw the nibs into the champion juicer and just like your juicing carrots are making peanut butter it grind it to a paste and you keep grinding it with

Champion till it warms up and kind of liquefied the king he'll mess but it's no it's it doesn't take very long and then you put melted cocoa butter and and the ground of chocolate that you have along with sugar you see a little bit of powdered lecithin which is an emulsifier very small amount like you know I think less than half a percentage of my daddy unless and usually some vanilla you want to make sure that you don't use any are you can't do it using like honey because it was soaked in water water is the enemy of chocolates you want to make sure there's no chocolate in it at all I mean sorry no water in it at all so you know no honey no nothing with water not vanilla extract you want to use inkscape beans or even vanilla sugar if you have it if you have it that you like and you want to put it in this machine called a Santa which is basically a very small version of a chocolate I don't know how you pronounce it mellow on a date like a chocolate mixer it's basically two little Stone wheels that roll on a round Stone surface and just grind chocolate if you look up truck

Germaine Landry Village and who knows his basically two rocks that rotate around on another rock and and that over the course of a long time makes the particles finer and finer and finer finer finer and eventually you get chocolate now and I believe we might have a recipe for ketchup flavored chocolate on their website now normally when you're making chocolate you grind until the particle size is right and you also you're also like flashing off bottles in this so you want to make sure that you are releasing just the amount of all those things that you like now at chocolate maker can do this by running it in this in this breakdown machine melon say whatever it's called Santa whatever this one by the way was not made for truckers made for grinding up a lentil said there are Indian anyway so that you grind it for a for a little while with the lid off and that's going to release bottles and allow you to kind of get where you want

let you flash off some extra water and then you're going to want a cap it in order to get the texture write write another was very very smooth you're going to have to run at 4 to 3 days now that might effective and I'm sure it will affect the flavor of your chocolate but the guys at the school are pastry department at school now does this is part of the demonstration for the pastry department and they've gotten some pretty good stuff that that tempers the temperature fairly well and it's a lot of fun to play around with so you're looking at an initial of that investment roughly $500 for a Santa and a and a champion juicer but from there on in you can basically make whatever you want now that there's it's also an interesting time for chocolate because there's a lot of companies that are started making some smaller batches chocolate around so you know for many years now Jacque Torres has made any of the DNR patient services made it his own chocolate first in in Brooklyn and Dumbo and now at is larger facility and Manhattan get Mast Brothers mix chocolate in Brooklyn and there's a

new company actually just starting out called cacao Prieto that we visit in the stash and I visited when was that Friday Friday and their associated with the razor and shiny knife people here in Brooklyn and they're actually starting a new line they bought the the remains of the scharffenberger the old scharffenberger chocolate line and they're going to be making some new truck what's interesting about what they're doing is that basically the name Prieto is the family name of the one of the founders of the company damn Preston and his family is done cacao Plantation sugar Plantation for a long time. In the Dominican Republic and so they're actually going to have complete vertical integration they can play with readings like a breeding they can play with they can play with different fermentation techniques they basically can control it from from Soup To Nuts looks pretty interesting is very rare and so they're going to launch in January so we'll see kind of what that complete control and vertical integration can brings they're going to bring that they're going to do I think Maine

liqueurs and and chocolate bar chocolate so we'll see how that pans out but having visited their set up it's a very very good setup and they're going to be using some kind of new equipment and custom it filled with Dan actually used to build some equipment for chocolate makers in fact you build some parts for that Mast Brothers line right so anyway so that should be it should be interesting but you know back to selecting your beans benefit the main problem is you know when you're making your own chocolate is a crap and crap out you know what I mean and so you need to get ahold of some good quality nibs to do your work and the final product that you making chocolate is very dependent Infinity depending on every little aspect of what you do can can affect it so it's it's a field well worth investigation and study and Gabe I wish you luck in your exploits with that I think we go to our first commercial break please remember to call in your questions at +718-497-212-8718

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welcome back to cooking issues calling your cooking questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you live for another half hour or so all right let's go to some email questions so Brian writes in from New Zealand and says he just made a batch of Limoncello and added his sugar syrup to infuse alcohol cold so it stayed clear and then and then graciously let me go into this here's the question the question is when you make Limoncello limoncellos basically you soak lemon peeler zest in alcohol sometimes high-proof alcohol sometimes not until the flavor is gone and then afterwards you add sugar to write basic limoncello I don't actually drink it so I don't know from first-hand experience but that's that's what limoncello is

I need the recipes on the internet tell you that if you add sugar to sugar no sugar syrup sugar solution to your limoncello in a sugar solution still warm or hot that it will turn cloudy whereas if you add it when it's cold it will not and then the question is I don't know if that's personally true but everyone said it so I'm sure that it must have some truth and then the question is is there any is there any taste difference is going to be a taste difference is going to have any impact on texture Roma flavored said but that's that's Brian's question now

I think I don't make Limoncello I haven't had a first-hand experience but it's very interesting to me that limoncello with turn cloudy when you add warm stuff is supposed to win the cold stuff I did some preliminary research and scientific literature this morning on his problem and it was not able to find anything important I guess it hasn't really been studied usually when liquor turns cloudy the reason liquor turns cloudy when you dilute it is because their oils that are soluble in high-proof alcohol but when the when the proof is been diluted right when the alcohol level goes down all of a sudden oils are no longer soluble and Nate and they precipitate out of solution into oil droplets and they become cloudy right this is known as the effects if you take ouzo sambuca any one of these kind of usually familybase things that are high in in oils and you dilute them or are at what's it called absinthe it will it will go White

now also we have this to happen a lot when I do distillation work I do distillation at low temperature we bring a lot of oils over and those oils often will Cloud our beverages when we dilute them or when we chill them using it when you chill something that it goes cloudy because all of a sudden chilling it reduces the solubility of the oil and also diluting it reduces so I bloody well right now here's my question and you'll have to write back in and an answer this my guess would be that isn't this is the only thing I can think of that would make it cloudy is it oils would suddenly become not soluble now if you were to add

if you were to add sugar syrup when everything is cold that's it was cold and clear and you add it my guess is it will go cloudy right away but maybe the oil droplets you form are big enough that they settle out I've heard people say that when it becomes cloudy like that and stays cloudy that it's bitter that would mean if the oil stay in so if if what's actually happening is you add the cold syrup and it forms oil droplets right away that are large enough that they will drop its can coalesce and then you can get them off of the product and have them go clear again cuz I've had that happen with liquor to I said liquor that has so much oil went so cloudy that after. Of a couple of days it settles out and it's clear because the oil separates out and the lemon oil would have a bitterness so it so basically my theory and it's a completely not backed up cuz I've never done it is it a few if this phenomenon is true perhaps what's happening when you add warm

when you add warm syrup right it doesn't actually Cloud as much as it would if you had a cold syrup but those droplets are smaller and that's more stable there's therefore there be more lemon oil in it and therefore it might be more better which is what people report on the internet where is if it's cold to drop us formed are larger and then Michael S and get out of the beverage as it sits for several days before before you finish but I don't know I've never run the test and I would welcome anyone either call in who's done this and talk to me about it or or else right into the blog or the forms because it's a it's an interesting subject usually the exact opposite happens and cold things Cloud up or when you dilute them more than warm ones do so it's definitely an interesting question I wish I had more of a finished answer

Derek from San Francisco riots in and it's just might have been a long when it's my go over the over the break but he read it read articles and recipes using general tso's chicken or Salad everything sour self Campbell scientific explanation for how it works how does velveting improved improved needs texture which of the typical ingredients corn starch corn starch eggs egg white wine Central play significant role well I don't I don't cook this way but I did do a lot of research on this one it's it's very interesting

so velveting is a procedure whereby you usually take small chunks of meat you marinate them for a time in an egg white the main thing is always there is egg white and then usually also cornstarch and sometimes wine salt is usually if I was present some people add a pinch of baking soda as well and some people do a Primera nation and baking soda before they added to The Velveteen make sure the the egg white mixture and the claim is that it produces a more tender result if you look after you do your marination in that egg white you then take it and it's either Dragon threw hot oil to set the egg white on the outside or else through boiling water to set the egg white on the outside and then proceeded to stir-fry the recipe at as normal couple of things are always true in these recipes one of the pieces are small which means that marination effect is going to be able to penetrate quickly through the whole thing okay that's that's the the primary the primary thing is true

now why does this work what the hell's going on if you look at some of the videos on the web people say that the egg white is ceiling in the juices when you see her I have extreme doubts as to this me one of Harold Nagisa big initial proofs in on food and cooking the original one is that you know searing does not in fact seal in the juices because you can see a whole crapload of Sizzle in the pan and it says was coming from evaporating water and the water is coming from you guessed it now having seen pictures of these a chicken pieces stir fry and velveted I can tell you that there is a lot there's a crap ton of moisture escaping from those things now the egg white coating could protect somewhat and that you would more preferentially get the water out of the egg white first before it makes it to the chicken or whatever they're by producing less less moisture loss inside of the meat just like a batter wood

in which case yes it is protecting that the meat from losing its moisture however there are a couple of other things that are going on as well they're very interesting if you add baking soda baking soda is alkaline baking soda can actually tenderize meat and what we'll talk more about baking soda in a minute and general alkaline conditions in general but egg white is also alkaline in fact what's interesting is is that if you go to a Chinese market here in the US eggs are often not refrigerated eggs as they age in an environment don't necessarily become more dangerous but they do become more alkaline an egg and egg white that starts off in the mid-seventies phy eyes by the time it's kind of a new age become older can have a pH of words of in the nines very alkaline rights and so perhaps soak in a very alkaline egg white would have tenderizing effect similar to the effect that a baking soda rub can have because when you lower the the p h e r

you're basically increasing the rate of kind of protein and collagen breakdown to this could be an additional tenderizing the fact that would be offset by any sort of wine that you're adding so any sort of wine would have acidity would tend to counteract any tenderizing effect from the baking soda so I don't know how those two things of the Big Sur orphan the egg whites I don't know how those two things would necessarily interact with other key component in this is the salt so whenever you add salt to a meet you are basically increasing its water holding capacity so even though you think of solve something that dehydrates something over time when you are adding salt to meet your changing the amount of water that protein can hold onto so you're actually increasing amount of water that holds onto so they're there a bunch of possible effects here and I don't know where because again I searched it before like I search scientific literature for limoncello try to search the scientific literature for velveting they just did there's nothing there so I searched

bicarbonate Solutions in ten rosacea and there's a lot of anecdotal evidence on bicarbonate Solutions of sodium bicarbonate baking soda by the way there's a lot of anecdotal evidence on that and people have done test at marination and bicarbonate solution causes tenderize meat buy a two different mechanisms actually won straight tenders ation blue because of the alkaline nature and also the ionic character that it's changing the water holding capacity of proteins but also when baking soda is heated it decomposes forms of carbon dioxide gas and so makes a porous structure in the meat and actually creates a porosity in the meat they can be interpreted as tenderness is there two different to different things that could be going on egg white perhaps is having some of a similar effect in terms of tenderizing because it can be alkaline salt what time to tenderize I don't know where the wine would fit in and thirdly just straight and rubbing in a protein mixture of a egg white would help to protect the the chicken from overcooking

the third thing that we would be happy I mean for V I don't know how many I've done nothing that might be happening is Alkaline Things Brown faster so it when you have something that's alkaline the fact there is a people who do studies on adding a little bit in Hollandaise did it Netherlands I did stay where they added baking soda to ground meat and they found it browned a lot faster because alkaline conditions increase Browning rates right so fresh and so you take a pretzel pretzels are boiled in either baking soda or lie alkaline conditions before they're baked and that's why they have that really dark dark color and also that characteristic pretzel taste if you could put the pretzel without boiling it in alkaline conditions it doesn't taste like a pretzel taste like like a bagel or something that's hard you know so you definitely need that alkaline condition to get that really rapid Browning I tend to hate it when it's applied to meet we ran a bunch of tests when you know when Harold McGee comes to do is lecture to school we do a bunch of tests where we cook bacon so we put baking soda in the ground meat in the Ed Brown fast but it tastes

God awful, terrible do you taste I want to stash a terrible a very small amount of it added to attitude onions can radically change the the brown and characteristics of onions make them Brown very quickly and made him actually lose more water to is very very interesting so he's alkaline shift and alkalyn alkalinity really have a huge effect on proteins and how they Brown similarly when you're making noodles a lot of a lot of Asian noodle recipes that use something called cancel a which is at least something alkalyn additive and it and it makes a gluten more stretchy and also makes a noodles yellow because you're basically Shifting the functionality of the gluten proteins by shifting that the pH words more alkaline conditions

so long story long and how long story confusing is that you know the alkalyn egg white might be making a brown faster and might also be in my soda tenderizing it to make it brown faster than you think it's done faster meaning you're not going to overcook it as much so that could be another reason why perhaps some meat is more tender when it's when it's cooked this way so it's a very complicated subject I don't think it's been adequately studying I don't I haven't done any side-by-side taste test so it's hard for me to say for certain what's going on but these are my best and worst gas is at at what what's happening anyway so that brings us to our second break and call in your questions at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network Dave Arnold in the Statue of Lopez here today is cooking issues brought to you by the barter house and they're fine wine from Uruguay booze booza with embryo and grapes and for enjoying right now we're boozing on booza okay so we have another oh by the way you still have a couple minutes to call in your questions and I know you want to to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and a little programming know next week we won't be coming to you live from Tuesday we're going to try and pre-record will put on the Block when we're going to do it in case you want to call in but next week I'll be teaching sous vide and low temperature cooking with meals at the French Culinary Institute it's actually I like that I like the class A lot it's a good class where are you where are you full for all of you sous-vide not so you have to sign up for the next the next one but it's an interesting class we do you know of a billion different

Hastings and it's a it's pretty hard core but it's a it's a lot of fun and I actually learn something every time I teach it because we get to we get to taste together with a group of Seventeen you know people and the people take the class are usually pretty hard core so I end up always learning a lot even myself okay who you know can't call and I guess the time difference is too great for him and he says that I assumed it to him with a soda siphon he's interested specifically in the possibility of the Frozen mojito do you have any experience with that he says he's tried it but he hasn't gotten good results they were nice and bubbly but no freezing

okay and he says he hasn't tried with a soda siphon you're just with a cream whipper okay creamer by the way we're talking about is a whipped cream maker that you charged with nitrous oxide and a siphon is basically a soda siphon is one that's meant to operate to make to make seltzer now I don't think I should make a difference whether you use nitrous oxide or CO2 because both have relatively the same weight and similar solubility in water so I don't think he's going to make a difference which gas is used so the question is to the mechanism to the two are they different and this time we talked about last week actually which is the idea of super freezing we talked a little bit about super freezing with last week massages super fries and maybe that's why I hear some issues one I don't think you can do it with a Mojito because mojito has the crushed up mint in it and so that's going to provide a nucleation site so you're not going to get very much supercooling the way that this slushy thing if it works which I have never done it before if it works here's how it works you

what a drink into a clean vessel it's clean right the drink itself is Clean & Clear that have any cloudiness in it right the lime juice might be a problem I'm not sure right you might want it you might want to keep the lime juice separate in your children lime juice down and then take the the Frozen drink with everything but the lime juice and and and slush it because the lime juice I think it's going to cause a problem you want to chill it below the temperature widget freezes and then you want to initiate ice nucleation so that it forms crystals it's a technique called super fries and you can look it up on YouTube and you can see the super super super cooling router you can look up super Cooling and freezing in this works so 1 your lime juice is going to be a problem put your lime juice last after it's basically been flushed out

to your advantage of using a siphon is that when you are when you charge it with gas the gas is actually lowering the freezing point of your of your mixture okay so it allows you to super cool it even more because it happens when you when you spray it out you're doing two things one you're introducing a bunch of nucleation sites that's going to bubble in the bubble provide ice nucleation sites are you going to get your Crystal Brook you're also asked the stuff phones out of it you are you are releasing gas and as it releases gas the freezing point goes up and it should crystallized faster so you win two times so here's what I would do not guarantee he's going to work because I haven't tried it but I would mixer drink with water and by the way you're going to want a assuming you want the same sort of dilution in a daiquiri has the post that we're going to hopefully put up in a day or two on cooking issues part two of our of our Mega cocktail post part one went up on Thursday I think part 2 is going to go up probably tomorrow

you know it turns out the shake and drinks are quite dilute more dilute in you think more in the range of like 16% alcohol in that range so you going to want to dilute it down to finish right seferino hope me I keep in mind that the laundry is going to do tomorrow at the lime juice just water sugar syrup and booze right any salt if you want charge it with with nitrous put it in your freezer right that mixture should freeze somewhere in the vicinity of like - 810 - 9 - 10 somewhere in that someone might Celsius I have to look it up exactly but somewhere in that region so you should super cool it down your freezer should be fine you going to have to experiment with a little bit then immediately turn your siphon upside and your whipped cream thing upside down like how do you want to get rid of as much gas as possible and also you know and also get into your cup

fast as possible and with any luck you will be able to get some foaming another thing you could do is just unscrew the lid and let it deteriorate like that and then you should be able to get some pour it out into a in introduced during your lime juice done done if it works if it works and there's there's no guarantee there's no guarantee that she's going to work okay so on the subject of cocktails I did an interesting study over the weekend to stash in in in preference for the for the post that were working on shaken and stirred drinks and a bunch of time at the stake shaken stirred drinks are different right so what are the differences between a shake and drink in Astor drink is stur drinks typically less diluted than shaking drinks right typically Astor drink is going to have a much lower amount of water added to it than that shake and drink has to shake and drinks are aerated more because they're shaking right and back in the day I used to think it was you no mullarkey that that all that are

she would stay I thought I was very transient effect by through several blind taste that we've done I've been proven wrong as is often the case and shake and drinks are in fact different architectural bases from store drinks as well as being more deluded not a question is then if you're having a party how are you going to make shake and drinks for everyone if you want to do. If you want to pre dilute the batch princess you're going to run out of ICU don't feel like having your eyes around ba blah blah blah blah you don't want to shake life it's a pain in the ass excetra I mean but that Cedric Cedric cetera and in the school we tested a couple of different things one we just served chilled shake and drink right that we have children it was deluded the same amount as a shake and drink and that didn't taste like a shake and drink it could be tasted that side by side with a shake and drink and also one that we put in a blender the blender didn't work because the bubbles were too big was weird and then we also children with liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen it turns out as it as it cools with the vanishers you can use warm.

as well as it cools it adds little bubbles because the nitrogen boiling off and that turned out to be very close to shake and drink realize that most of you out there don't have liquid nitrogen so here's the good news I ran another test over the weekend where we took the children we took a chill drink straight out of the freezer we deluded it as much as you would for a shake and drink tune in to our website in a couple days to find out what that answer is cuz it's too complicated to explain over the over the radio would make any damn sense anyway but look it up on her blog here's a good news Duluth the drink put it in the freezer to freeze in the freezer and then just put into a cocktail shaker without ice and to shake it before you pour it out that's it and you can get most of the their stuff back so I ran a test over the weekend where we took a chill diluted cocktail a fresh shaken cocktail and then a chill deluded cocktail that we shook just in a quart container and a chilled a chill deluded

Electric in a quart container with a bunch of I have a bunch of strangers at Hawthorne strainers you know that the one with the spring the cocktail strainer to the spring I recall the springs off and threw them into the core container is it trick alarm from Audrey Saunders who was testing this to aerate her egg white drinks to know number years ago anyway so I did a one with one with the springs in a quart container and you shut the heck out of him for a couple of seconds in import them out and blind the shaking fresh shake and drink was very similar to the ones that were shaking adjust in a quart container straight from the freezer and ones that were shaking a quart container with the Spring Street in the freezer the shaking drink with a little bit different and was preferred by some people but the other two are very very close approximation so if you pre dilute your drinks store them in quart containers in the freezer you a ticket for container is this what you get from like takeout joint near we have them everywhere at the school that's what your favorite take-out to store your drinks in a quart container

what are left in it and then as they're ready to pull out your freezer shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky shaky it's probably a little color I was trying to make it exactly as cold as a shake and drink if I let it sit there longer it would have gotten a little bit colder I was making wasn't making us making Daiquiris Street Daiquiris and the and I use the same exact mix so I premix everything he'll some aside and shook one live and then the other ones I shook preasha actually pretty shook them traditionally and then let them sit for you know for a while to get rid of all the texture from shaking and then Frozen down the reason I did that was I want to make sure that they were diluted exactly the same amount of the fresh fresh frozen guy was interesting is Some people prefer the one that was in the freezer they prefer to act because it had

it's more intense because it didn't have the air bubbles in and the one with the Springs was actually the most aerated and therefore some people like at the least cuz of the least intense my mom wasn't that a corsage whiskey sours my mom who doesn't like whiskey was it happen to me my house at the time she like that one best because it tasted the least like whiskey it was she like the one without the Springs which was in the most area because everyone said that one tasted sweeter which is bizarre just goes to show how complicated the cocktail is my stepfather was boozehound what why not an amazing pallet I've seen him pick up lines blind out of you know you walk up to him with a wine in tin foil wrapper and Girard but not as palette so you know what he he actually prefer the one that was allowed to sit in the freezer because he I guess it was dancer he preferred it more and he

he preferred the one that had the most Aaron it released

hi this is Garrett's I'm calling because I have a question about carbonating cocktails

I've seen a systems they have like the perlini system but I wanted to know just how to do it with a regular soda siphon and she's got any experience with carbonated cocktails and I yeah just about it

I have had a lot of experience carbonated cocktails I tend to carbonate cocktails with 20 lb CO2 tanks and anabolic fittings which is like you know so old soda fittings at home Brewers use and for a list of the stuff it doesn't cost that much to get that system actually that's what I meant I've been doing that for a long long time there's honor forums you can look up a list for that now carbonated with it with a siphon here's the problem with it I've done it I've done it I wouldn't use a soda siphon I use a cream whipper for it there also is I is introducing a new system called the Sodastream a not so sure that's a different company episode of something Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle and Shimmer song anyway but main problem

with any of these systems is you can't get rid of the airspace above the drink are is the enemy of carbonation so when you have that headspace with air and your and your shaking it does to thinks it is it decreases the places where it CO2 can make it into your drink and also when you when you want a cat but they're not that soluble in the form Bubbles and make they film out so if you have if you can afford it you going to need to use two Chargers two to charge it right one you want to do like a quick shake out with it and then take her whipper is why I say we use a whipper right not the soda side unless you have a soda siphon to have a soda siphon turn it upside down when you're doing is so shake it a couple of times you're trying to get a little bit of CO2 in and it's going to get rid of the nucleation sites in your in your in your drink and also get rid of the air and then immediately vent out all of that gas and so what's happening now is you're getting rid of the air in the oxygen all the nasty stuff that's the enemy of carbonation and you're getting rid of some of the nucleation sites that are in your drink

then you want to add your second make sure it's ice cold back to be a couple of ice cubes in it's even better because you want it really really cold then you put your second charger in and then you shake it for carbonation right then you let it sit for a couple of minutes to settle out then you slowly vented open it and pour out the drink and you can get good results I would start with things at carbonate well I tend not to like carbonated rum drinks that I carbonate for some reason it's personal preference I know some people that like a carbonated Daiquiri I tend not to like things carbonated like Manhattan's I don't like that really bitters when they're carbonated but you know I carbonate a lot of gin drinks a lot of gin drinks carbonate a couple of drinks that I don't like the other issue with a v a siphon is that your only get the Seven Grand Center a gram increments of CO2 and really you want to fine-tune the amount of bubbles that your

putting into a drink so people don't notice as much in cocktails cuz they're not used to tasting for for specific flavors and Cocktails as much as they are in wine but if you carbonate wine why is extremely sensitive to the amount of CO2 that you put into it such that the difference between I use pressure because I'm using a tank so the difference in using like 30 35 PSI versus 40 PSI is the difference between delicious and you blast a fruit out of it and accentuate the oak too much right so that that's my other gripe with using the cartridges is it they don't have the fine control over the amount of bubbles present that you would get if you had a tank the tank systems really easy actually like you know I have like I say I'm a little bit nutty I have it in my house but you know it's it's not actually that nutty like you know I live in the city in a tiny apartment with two kids you know what I mean like on the on the third floor but you should definitely experiment you can definitely sparrowmint using a cream whipper or a siphon to start it

get out the liquid when you turn it up turn it upside down you at how much is a how much of a problem money-wise in a thing right I'm going to offend my good friends at EC but there's a company Guntersville Alabama called Mark powers and they they sell soda equipment and the stuff there is so cheap you can get like a 20lb CO2 tank empty for like $90 and a regulator for like $30 the whole things like $0.13 a foot and the connectors you know they're like you can get the whole thing including the carbonator cap if you have to order from a Homebrew Supply I knew you soda bottles you get the whole thing for under under like 130-150 in that range you go to your gyno where you live but you go to your local welding supply shop and then

to just unfortunately it's like kills people you hand them your new tank and they hand you like an old beat-up tank was full of CO2 that's like $18 problem but one tank of CO2 will do two to four hundred gallons of drink okay no one thing you have to remember everything has to be cold when you're doing it and if you want to be consistent you want it always be the same amount of cold here is the other things a lot of people don't think about water alcohol is actually a CO2 is more soluble in alcohol and water so in order to get the same effect of bubbles in an alcohol drink you need to add more CO2 than you wouldn't water okay so the higher the alcohol content the more you need to add so I happen to like carbonated negronis right and so a carpet in Negroni is high proofs you need to add a lot more pressure to Negroni then you would to a wine that's why I suck a typically if you're going to carbonate sakae you carbonate stock at a higher alcohol higher pressure than you would carbonate like a white wine with typically has

lower alcohol content scale the pressure to the alcohol content of your drink

the higher the higher the pressure basically the same flavor

alright well thank you good luck you're entering your entering one of the most rewarding things in the world bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles all right thanks for calling in and that was cooking issues for this week hope we won't be live next week but we will figure something out for you and thanks to Barton house and booza

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