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you got the head on your listening to Heritage Radio Network this is Dave Arnold with cooking issues that show where you call in and talk to us about your cooking issues every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 today show is brought to you by the Barber House the firehouse is a proud supporter and Heritage Radio Network the Parker House works with Family Vineyards and small Butler from around the world to bring only the finest and most flavorful wine to the market to learn more about Barbara her by her house please visit them at www.the barterhouse. Com or call him at 917-463-3076 I've actually never had that we're here with Sasha Lopez from cooking issues. Calm and the aje. One of our people who was our internship now graduated so you guys ever had this wine before opening on Aaron and try it while I'm doing that

how warm it's a white wine here it's a chardonnay from New Zealand and we're going to it's kind of warm we're going to drink a cesare shut cesare Casella style which means with ice so I'm going to pour this out here and well we're trying is lying to tell you how delicious it is I'm going to tell you to call in number to call in and ask us any kind of question you want 718-497-2128 and so if you have any cooking issues please call and we'll try to fix him at least talk about them now just give you a little background what we do is where the French Culinary Institute which is a cooking school in downtown New York and I run the technology department which means that any kind of new techniques or ingredient we typically with the chefs but basically any kind of knew or off the wall or kind of weird or any sort of strange problems we deal with those and we resolve them for various working a lot of great shots around the city so you know if you have

questions about sous vide cooking or low temperature cooking which is it you know kind of a new style cooking with making a lot of ways and restaurants right now or any kind of new new a stick in her new ingredient or if you want to rent because you hate these things and want to engage me in an argument on the air we appreciate that I love Rance I love especially love ignorant people who don't know what they're talking about calling and saying things about how I use a bunch of chemical so if you want to do that I encourage you to call up and and we'll have this discussion on air and wake up with a lot less profanity than you would if you came to my lab and had this conversation so let's not let's first things first let's try out this this ad delicious delicious wine drinking Turner estate 2008 chardonnay from New Zealand


he feels old school like a working lunch at a wine at lunch people don't do that anymore you know when you visit Europe they still have wine at lunch and then we like Americans drink wine like we do at dinner when were at the lunch and then we're we're blasting for the rest of the afternoon unless I ask you what happens in Europe nothing gets done after lunch because I think I actually more accurate than getting nothing in Europe happens after lunch but it's kind of pleasant right we're sitting here in in Brooklyn in the studio and louder waiting for someone to actually pick up the phone and call if you call and it gets really problematic like you know there's a yelling and stuff nastasha is the hammer just as she is on on our website where when things get out of hand Mustachio who brings her her her fantastic mix of Russian and in Spanish bring the hammer down on people and she loves doing that so please call and get out of hand would really appreciate it. She hasn't been able to to crush someone recently so

choo choo choo looking forward to what do you think what do you want to talk about before we before we supposed to go off last night okay so here's a deal for those of you who don't know what a rotovap is which I'm guessing 99.99% of you what it is is it's a piece of distillation equipment which allows us to do distillation to make booze basically it legally because you can't still here in in the US you know without installers license issued pain in the butt but it allows us to do distillation are very low temperature and what's great about that is it is the flavors are the purest cleanest flavors that you could possibly imagine remember right you guys drink it drink it all the time and it's not something that we can get flavored and Commercial beverages are delicious but it's just we get different kinds of flavors in the road of having their the kind of hard to commercialize because a lot of times they don't last very long or they're difficult to produce so it would think they would be expensive

anyway we've been using I think this equipment of course like everything else is super expensive it's many many thousands of dollars and you know I'd used kind of a beat up old version that was older than most of my students in fact we got off eBay for you know I got a few bad to take for almost nothing and and kind of crowded together and got to work really well well the corporation that makes them Yuki the first name in rotary evaporation came to visit us and they they make their kind of the butt-kicking ones and they because we were going to go on the show the Jimmy Fallon show and I told him I didn't want to I didn't want to have one of their crappy ones from the early 80s being the one that everyone saw and so they brought a really nice new rotary evaporator and 8 they let us keep it which is fantastic and so that guy sitting next to be AJ who spent many many hours flying or old kind of beat up rotovap is quite jealous cuz he's no longer working with us at the school and now it's so much easier to do all of our work

what are the advantages of a vertebrate being illegal right so you know that the reason why you don't see it in a lot of restaurants here because the chefs are confined to using it making non-alcoholic drinks they make an alcoholic drink and try and serve it in the restaurant or bar they're endangering their liquor license so the consequently they don't do it and get the stuff is done with water it just isn't as exciting enough especially if you've ever done liquor it's just not exciting enough to Warrant you know an $18,000 Oreo depends on could you could get one for 5 grand for all that money space and training just to do to water based ink so that's why you don't see it a lot here in the states although there are couple restaurants in Chicago that use them but it allows you to separate flavors in a way that you know you've never done before so we do you know you guys both know cuz I force you to do it many times will do a chocolate liquor that has you know just Coco the flavor of chocolate with none of the bitterness because the bitterness doesn't distilled

Aroma and flavor. So you have this like chocolate chocolate mousse with no no sugar in it that's delicious and adorable do they know very spicy peppers habanero peppers that that have no Spice in them they're just near the floral amazing floral Aroma fresh herbs are kind of my favorite because they seem possible to redo any other way so she knows something like although Anastasia it doesn't like cilantro by the way nastasha who's in here if I assume she's going to try and at some point with some of her likes and dislikes which are the most posterous dislikes you know she turns out this lady who's in the food business now works with me who likes who likes everything I've basically like everything in the world with the exception of Nacho which is so disgusting the Japanese fermented soybean probably not till which is I don't think even in Japan me like I think they just pretended they like it because it supposed to be good for business Tasha hate every damn thing that you like I like I like delicious thing she's a guy I don't like that

whatever it is delicious I had a glass or porcelain more that now talk about because we have nothing better to do I'll talk about some of my my pet peeves so related to cooking hate and I've been on this network a couple times on other shows and I always get to say how much I hate the word Molecular Gastronomy well here's my opportunity to say it right now and however long and however angry I want to say

use the term Molecular Gastronomy if any of you out there I've heard the term before Molecular Gastronomy can you do the best to a racist term from from your memory it's it's awful term I'll give you some reasons why one it's meaningless it has no meaning it what does it mean Molecular Gastronomy what the first of all gastronomia is the worst word it sounds good in French and astronomy but sounds like gas and protron Ami Gastronomy sounds a gastropod sounds like you have gas sounds like you're going to get gas if you eat it gas molecular sounds disgusting doesn't sound delicious and I don't really see the point in tagging something you're going to eat with the term that sound inherently handy disgusting and remember this term is pioneered by that by this guy in France name of 80s are BT's who as I said you know I was on the show here last week I said you know I won't say anything negative about him except for it he's a charlatan and and what you know and farce

and so they can eat meat the thing is is that he thinks Molecular Gastronomy sounds good because he doesn't really speak English that well right he he thinks in English the word food sounds gross rent Searcy he's like food sounds disgusting food maybe for a Frenchie but you know I like food you like food food delicious yeah anyway so so it's it's a term that has no meaning it sounds disgusting it's basically a marketing term for this guy in France are Beatties none of the chefs who are being described as doing Molecular Gastronomy want to be described as doing Molecular Gastronomy in the pigeon hole that I think is is wrong first of all either all of us are manipulating molecules in which case a guy cooking over a campfire in the Molecular Gastronomy or none of us are manipulating you know molecules I don't know anyone with a like a scanning tunneling microscope was sitting there like adjusting individual molecules in the pie that they're making I know at least one

it's also I think what most people don't realize is that these new technologies are being used in restaurants all the time it's just they don't know it because because you know they're not doing the kind of food that is labeled as Molecular Gastronomy so you know why people people assume that if you're using new technology for cooking that you're actually making crazy food making things that are wacky making your thing and we do do that to just because you know we do but you know a lot of the best applications of these things you would never know that that a technology was used to do it so we serve you a delicious drink that see no strawberry flavored and it's Crystal Clear and it's got you know amazing effervescence and liquor taste you know Superfresh unlike anything I've ever had before and you're not thinking hey hey this these people used in a $30,000 worth of equipment and spent like five hours and did like all these new techniques you're like this is a delicious drink I think those are the applications that are that are best writing

you don't necessarily want to know so I tend not to do things like spray phones are all and everything was a good foam is a kind of you know it's an important skill to have but it's not you know I very rarely do it you know a only when it's kind of when it's called for and your phones are nothing nothing new either write a new Foams take for instance the head on a beer that's pretty old phone I think what people are doing is trying to take the weirdest thing if they can find and turn into a foam and then I think that's right I think and that's the other problem is some people who actually kind of like the term at me that the danger of this with as with any technique is it someone will take the techniques and just do something just to do it and stuff doesn't taste very good but then everyone who uses the techniques get paint gets painted with those with that brush but I think that that's the main problem so you don't want

I need the marriage of technique and flavor that you like if you're you know if you're if you're using it just to use it and that's that's not a good that's not a good application check if I handed someone a frying pan you know they can make really crappy food with that frying pan you know if I hand someone a centrifuge they can make really crappy food with that Center fuse in a fuse or something that separates Things based on their density open to use new tools but the same time you use your head and say why do I want to use these new tools and only use them when they actually make the food better not when they're just a silly gimmick although again fall into the cuz you know my job but we try not to be going out on our first break so in advance that a type of cheers to

the barterhouse a proud supporter of Heritage Radio Network don't forget to call in with your questions at 718-497-2128 to ask us anything you want about new cooking techniques old cooking techniques anything you want you were listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network

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welcome back you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network to call in and ask us a question call in at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so before we left we were talking about the fact that new techniques and Technologies in the kitchen are used for a variety of reasons to some of the best applications of them are actually ones where you would necessarily know anything is going on I think one of the best things that the best you know examples of that is is french fries we did a many many tests do that's 20 on that one day we've done on the second day we've done like probably 60 60in change it's not a lot for you know for a commercial you no place like McDonald's who does he know 60-70 test making my interns to french fries over and over again it's kind of a pain in the butt but what about it it shows a mindset the problem is french fries are problematic right here's why

what french fries to be one you want the outside to be Crispy Crunchy you also wanted to be not just doesn't matter how much oil is actually an issue just don't want to take greasy rights he wants to get scrunchie not greasy you want the potato to actually taste like a potato potato flavored have an actual potato texture that's nice on the inside not you know not overcook not undercook not Hollow you want also the French fry to stay good when it's cold I threw repeatedly said a monkey can make a French fry that good when it's hot sending is a donut a donut is a difficult problem any idiot can make a donut that hot the taste good because it's delicious when it's hot the challenge is to make a fried food. It's a french fries whatever that is good when it is cold especially to a donut because they're supposed to keep our task was I want the texture on the outside and a text on the inside to be good right out of the fryer and just a delicious even when that that thing is cold and so you know many of you out there for me

french fries are familiar with the with a double frying technique which is that you know it's attributed to the to the belgians right it's a double double fry technique will you fry once to to form the crust and cook it and then you fry it a second time to to make it crispy again this is kind of you know that's like kindergarten french fry as far as we're concerned that's not necessarily that you know that the best way to do it the best way to do it to do an issue blanching step where you kill the enzyme to cook the potatoes in a blanching step in water salted water which also flavors the potato and then typically the old ways we would dehydrate in a little bit which allows for the cross to get more it gets worse some of the water which means that it stays crunchy or longer and then fry it once and then fry it twice again so it's no it's several step process to make delicious fries the problem is with the drawing step in with the planting a lot of times we get Halo fries or they wouldn't be consistent so we try to figure out the absolute best best best way to do it and you know how long you Blanchard

Blumenthal the famous chef in England says you blanch for a long time so they took a break apart we ran all these tests if you go to cooking issues. Com you can see what we ended up with we ended up soaking the fries in an enzyme a natural enzyme not considered GMO nonsense an enzyme called pectinex SPL that you can also get from cooking and what it does is it breaks down the pecking on the outside of the french fries and allows for the start of the outside of a fried is swelling a very quickly and form a really nice crust it also means you don't have to drive to Fry's after you plant it so you soak in this enzyme for couple hours in boiling salted water to make it taste delicious and get cooked and 3 * 2 * Friday after that and you have arguably the most delicious French fries at that I've ever had what you guys think about those fries they're delicious I don't even like fries and so it looks like we have a collar rent hello

Hi how are you I was wondering what the benefits are of a chilling a drink over dry ice Massachusetts alright well first of all I hear things about about dry ice dry ice for those of you not in the know is solid carbon dioxide it's a lot easier to obtain a lot easier to store than liquid nitrogen which is actually our preferred chilling method for 4 drinks and for many things but hard to carry over a bridge you can get usually from a nice supply house or sometimes from welding supply shops and when you chill a drink with dry ice Ryan there's a couple problems you don't want to serve someone little chips of dry ice because that's bad ice cold can bring your tongue it's if you're not very good so one of the one of the pitfalls is that you don't want little pieces of dry ice in a friend of mine Tony Conigliaro in at 469 Coburg Road was making daiquiris

put chunks of dry ice in a blender with a daiquiri mix and Blended them they I have to say he got them to come out quite well although the technique makes me a little bit nervous the the other thing about it though is if you let it chill long enough to drink is going to become slightly carbonated so I wouldn't chill a drink with dry ice that you didn't want to have a little bit of bubbles in it because it's going to get a little bit of Bubbles and it went when you have dry ice but he was a really good technique for dry ice and is obviously as you make the drink you get the dilution exactly the way you want it with water for priebatsch drink at a party let's say right and then now the dilution is perfect not your only job is to get a cold now you can do that in the freezer by putting in the freezer but if you put it in the freezer then it's hard to have it out and it's going to turn to crap while sitting on your counter because your guests are morons and they don't drink fast enough right I can't I saw it sitting there on the counter getting warm and you're sitting there and you're you're you're you're you're pinching yourself and you kicking yourself at all is because you know the drinks getting too damn warm and if not anything you can do about it right and that's kind of a torture right

I want to last week on the counter because it's getting warm and there's not a damn thing you can do about it unless you have dry ice now you throw a trunk or to the dry ice near don't go overboard and then it just going to sit at the bottom of a picture in the dry ice right that's a little bit too wide you want to get a kind of an arrow picture to throw like you know couple rocks dry ice in there they last a long time crisis actually has a lot more cooling capacity than ice does where is liquid nitrogen actually doesn't it's a lot colder but liquid nitrogen cooling capacity is somewhat similar size control for a long time there a couple rocks that in there give it a stir and after about 10 minutes 15 minutes that drink is going to be lightly carbonated and it's going to stay cold the whole damn night and then if you have a problem like you're running out of dry ice just crack off a little piece of dry eyes and throat and plus it's me that's got a good show with the masked people like to show and it's easily accessible summertime you can have a nice

cold delicious even very traditional drinks right by gin and tonics for anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of Raikou Gen X right because are there usually either they're under carbonated or they're they're not busy enough and then and it supposed to be a summertime drink they always turn to crap always turn to crap your bottled tonic water by your gin get some lime mix it up in a picture write a picture and tonic Tyson are nothing will stay carbonated and cold and everyone can get shellacked on delicious summertime janitronics without having to worry about you know that last flat nasty warm sip of crap that they think they think they like it because the taser delicious but they're just always executed poorly that make sense

give him different gender are good for for for different purposes and you're my kind of you know I like Hendrix are some applications you know it's kind of pricey I think a lot of times for mixing my hand instinctively reaches for Tanqueray I don't know whether that's because I don't know if it's because I don't know just because it's a nice high-proof it's easy to mix with me but I know bartenders that are partial to you know any and any and every kind of kind of in my dad you was an old old school bond that he wasn't a sapphire guy he was a no white label Bombay guy and then that's actually where I got my love of tonic water and highly carbonated beverages from sitting next to my dad while he can start me early or are they getting started out so good

and I like actually I like. So you actually find yeah it's it's it's different to different I don't think it's official gin taste but I recommend going and chasing a lot of games if you if you have friends that don't like gin then a good a good Gateway gin is Plymouth because it's light on a lot of a lot a lot of Botanical flavors especially the Juniper the people find objectionable and Jen and so you can you can kind of start them out with that so that's why we call it that you know if you know the Gateway gin available

our first official car so now I just know how much is is dry ice York until it's a little more expensive to buy it last time how much was it was like yeah it's on the order of a couple dollars a pound and you have to buy I think like 20 pounds am I so you're looking at like a $40 or something if that's but it's a small price to pay for a delicious beverage it comes at a party I wouldn't say to keep it around all the time because you can't you can't store it in your fridge is sublimate if you can make it sublimates and so you lose every time there's no way that store for long periods of time at your house but you show up with just like you know what I got a disposable styrofoam cooler a cooler and put it in a last for 4 hours and hours and hours of impact it'll last for a day or more depending on how well you store it and

it's it's pretty easy and I think especially applicable to you know summertime parties what about the handling of dry ice okay so dry ice first thing you should not do is the first thing that many many people to which is take a chunk of dry ice put it in water seal in a soda bottle and throw and watch it flowed this is not considered safe practice in fact the problem is when she was CO2 dry ice it will it will if it's sealed it will do one of two things it will turn to a gas and it will slowly increasing pressure up to about 800 PSI or more or explode whatever comes first usually explosion comes first so not a good idea to steal large cars all though I never mind if not easy to get Burns cold burns from handling it for too long

so you know why it's fun to sit there and play Hot Potato with dry ice you know I would I would use gloves when I handle it it's a lot safer that way than liquid nitrogen is in terms of you know liquid nitrogen there's always a danger that it's going to get underneath the glove and really damaged you where is dry ice is not not a problem at all so if you're going to trip it I would wear glasses safety glasses because you know a little pieces of rice is very hard and gold pieces flying off and hitting you in the eye I don't want that I'm blind and Frozen and it would be a bad idea to move into a living room and chill it with dry ice cuz your house will fill a CO2

we're coming up on our second commercial break if you want to call in with problems dry ice related or not technical or not prison such a you want to talk about fish sauce I love talking about their sauce our number here at cooking issues Heritage Radio is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and you are listening to the Heritage Radio Network cooking issues

all right

you're listening to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network this is Dave Arnold and we are taking calls and fixing people's cooking issues so who do we have who we have coming up here

there's a call coming in

that we have a call

hello yeah thank you I really am excited to have you at least we can hope we can help out who am I speaking with John hey John how you doing so what do you want to talk about I bought a cooked BMV S31 okay so we're talking about an induction induction unit which is basically it. It's the most kind of the most efficient way related to use electricity but instead of having a conductor conductor of heat like make a lot of heat in your kitchen it literally heats the pan by by using an oscillating oscillating magnetic Electric magnetic field and it's been

best way to cook not popular here is it in Europe because our electricity is more expensive than our gas and because our shirts aren't used to it they were talking about it a vacuum packing machine made by many pack and this particular one you discussing the MPS 31 is a really great size for the house and it lets you do a lot of really fun things really professional physical inside go ahead to do sous-vide or something like that is the fact that you know just leftovers oxidized you can keep them for days longer than one would normally keep things in the refrigerator and they don't like it if you go to a place like Costco that selling huge packs of meat you can repackage meat into usable sizes but is that comes down and I know on the on your your website going to start doing a section on on vacuum

bring it back and pack and we haven't done it yet just because I've been I've been busy but it is the next right in in this in the low temp suvi primer list of vacuum packing the next next one yet right and I guess my question to you is how much how much are you how much sugar do you extract when you do it you can go up to like guy I guess like 98% or something like that and I always try and get as much are in and the highest vacuum amount when I'm feeling things and I I know you gotta can vary and you can steal them from

zero to a hundred but I was just curious what what are your recommendations and search for I don't know what to search for Action statue look up like on the back and we do we do a thing on how the textured meat is affected by Buy vacuum so you know how much vacuum you apply really depends on on what you're what you're trying to do so if you're if you're trying to text your modification then you want to apply the heaviest vacuum vacuum possible because you want to get all the air out of your pocket before you do it if you're if you're vacuuming to like put something in the fridge or freezer then you want a heavy heavy vacuum because you want to get all the oxygen now because that's going to be one of the Prime reason to things go bad special on leftovers right warmed-over flavor and meet you know you can really prevent it by putting a good hard vacuum on course your product has to be really really cold before you vacuum otherwise not going to look pretty good A good seal on it now if you're going to cook

the problem is is that red meat it's not as much of a big deal but on fish and on poultry if you put a very hard vacuum wonton on a product I find a chance to change the the texture of the meat when it's crying and and so the effect is for those who never vacuum before is that if you have a very high level of vacuum when you're when you're doing piece of fish let's say your nishal bike will be extremely juicy but all the water will kind of like rush out and then as you start chewing I think it gets more of a v r e taste and it turns almost how would you guys like almost like if you've done it you know what I'm talkin about it it's the texture isn't good on the on the 6th and 7th to let's say all manner of cooking it pushes all of the water out and so it just becomes a a grainy interior

mechanism of what's happening I just know from a practitioner standpoint that this occurs so what we recommend is it if you're going to beg fish you want a baguette at a low level of vacuum just enough to get the bag basically you know a good seal around the around the food and if you're if you're going to bag poultry the same I actually prefer to do poetry without vacuum in in in ziplocks but poultry in the vacuum if you going to do it I would recommend doing a low vacuum and just be yourself if you have the time sometime I would take like three identical pieces and still won it at like ninety eight one at 9 and 9 and then one at fullback and cook them identically and then just a taste the difference and next time you going to cook a lot of something and you have the time to time to do it I'll do it but the vacuum machine that you have is a fantastic machine and I kind of wish I had that for my house because it's got a very good chamber size to you know to to machine size ratio it's really a nice nice machine

I got done blueberries last season the back but if it preserves and you know without the icing without all the other issues that you don't come up when you drive a freeze anything for dinner and then you have a bunch left over and you want to be able to serve them for lunch or something like that if you back down the leftovers after they're done it makes it a lot easier to reheat that stuff without even trying out a Rooney and me if there really is no striving for the home but it really you know it really hasn't she uses you know I really like doing it you know it in then I understand food saver start a guy that the way for the you know the whole consumer public to begin thinking about the stuff but it's really an amazing

kitchen tool right I hope to get that next section 2 primer out soon maybe if I had some time over the 4th of July break out I'll work on it starts with laughing because she knows that I won't say I also ended up buying a sous vide Supreme and now I see that they're not them but the polyscience people are coming out with a new circulator and you can just stick it away but I never use the circulator boatloads better it's just

bath to Astor bath plus it it's so much easier to put away this thing's the size of like it's like you know in between a stick blender in a regular blender it's so you know it's it's yeah I mean I'm not have nothing against the sous vide Supreme I've never cooked with it but I mean I use circulator everyday you're working very well and I've just been doing a lot of lamb chops and you just hit him right on when when you do it at like 1:40 for like an hour and you know some minutes and then then the serum off it just become so perfect I've never heard someone say hey I regretted buying that I've never heard someone say I've regretted by next circulator I've never heard maybe someone somewhere has said that but I've never heard it

does a bad job is just to me it's big and bigger than it needs to be in your kitchen and it doesn't it doesn't have circulation so if you're doing a longer cooked item you're going to be probably be okay but you're doing shorter-term items or stuff coming in and out of the bath lot you know I think you always think you're better off with her circulation so I got one bag at a time about 500 now in a circular is going to come in just under eight but you know how to me it's I mean it's easy for me to say because you know I know I've had it for a long time but them for me it's another $3 well but I did say there's nothing wrong with suvi on to prevent it holds product in there very well and I've not had any real issues with it to be spring. Nor am I I love it but I met you don't have any just got a second one just just for the hell of it because the other times that you want to do vegetables along with a Beat

I got a different different temperatures so I don't know if you have anyone in your house who it is going to need some convincing that you need this but you can tell them I said to the circle there's a good purchase play on the 20 grand to spend Jakob you can get one right away but let it get her

do we lose our we lose our next color are we still going tonight because I thought you said we had another guy coming in actually have to cryovac some fish what is the general rule of thumb for the percentage of vacuum fish that you can get on fish and you want a bag fish with with oil or some other liquids are there doesn't crush the portions down I think a lot of people when they first get a vacuum machine they put a hard back on fish and then they you know they gave the portion looks insane looks like a pillow because of crush the bag around it you know doing the light back and I love the vacuum machine but get the circulator first and then and then you play around a person

I cook it it comes out terrible was trying grilling it and I haven't I haven't been able to maintain a low temperature in my grill depending on how many pounds it is a long time but deficit and it's been so long since I've had to cook without a circulator I would guess that they did the guys in Texas put initials are on it or not probably not

get tissue right now so that the basic technique is you're going to overcook the hell out of the brisket meat but then over time you're going to break down the collagen and collagen that you break down is going to turn into gelatin and that's going to remoisten to me so you know what one of the problems you might have had is it you might not have cooked it long enough for it to get moist again basically like a like a like a brave Cook's Illustrated I believed in a brisket recipe for the house recently but I haven't I haven't looked at it but in general you're right it low and slow is the way to go but you have to give it enough time for the collagen to kind of convert the commercial guys do it in very annoyed a very low heat in a in a pit and the smoke is it that characteristic smoke ring and then also increase in a fairly low temperature so that it's basically doing almost like like a confit thing but without the fat it's been cooking at those kind of temperatures that does low temperatures and you couldn't

raise it it's not going to taste like brisket take a break as it will be delicious but it won't be and will be the same thing I feel I feel awful you know what I'm going to do I'm going to do I'm going to do go to listen in a week's time give me a week I'm going to I'm going to research this thing go to www. Cookin and someone will have posted a thread in the Forum section go to the forums and someone would have posted a section on it and we'll we'll figure this problem out for you so it doesn't happen you again okay I seem to really great really great techniques with marination like a 24-hour marination before the actual cooking that'll keep it up and we're going to start a discussion on on the forms of cooking issues and we're going to get this Tech town because we have some Texans who I go to the blog and I'm sure they will they will tell me that anything I say is preposterous and stupid and having had the brisket they make Conair they do know how to make good brisket anyway

so we have someone else on the line hello

hello hi how you doing is this

is it who's this

this is we thought. And we pop should be bought one of the one of the great all-time people friend of cooking issues friend of ours and so we pop what is your question all the way from Asia what is your question

all right so I might even want to be friends and have been picking up in Thailand and a lot of stuff they cooking sous-vide tenderloin but I think I think previous color as kind of a answer the question already and then you sort of have answered the questions so why is tenderloin become really fibers and really mushy I'm so happy anyway so the tenderloin is is a is an interesting case tenderloin be cooked at extremely low temperatures because it doesn't have a lot of connective tissue the more connective tissue that a piece of meat has kind of the higher the temperature of the longer you need to cook it when you cook something at a low temperature for a long time a lot of the initial effects of whether or not you're going to overcook something happened right away this is the hardest thing when you're learning to cook low temperature

lead to get wrap your head around is that you no longer cooking in terms of just all I'm going to turn the temperature up to cook more it's really temperature and time and stuff doesn't overcook just because you cook it longer but you do get text rule changes so what happens in meat that is essentially devoid of connective tissue is that it gets not overcooked it doesn't taste overcooked but as you chew it it tastes kind of fiber is as you said and so with with tenderloin you want to cook it at a low temperature at the low end of the scale when I say that I'm sorry for all of you in America land I think in Celsius cuz they were the French Culinary Institute look at it like 54 for sale right around there you don't want to go too much higher and you want to put a sticker on it and you only want to cook it a tenderloin for like 45 minutes now the problem here is that is a decision food code because you're not you're not keeping it long enough but it is kind of safe as long as you see right you kill all the bacteria on the outside it actually is kind of safe because the inside of the muscle is stare

but it's just not code I don't know what the codes are in Thailand

we thought we would have a nice evening. How you doing over there in time and we have new equipment then and we're playing with food on this end gredients how come you don't get me shipped out there we got to go out to Thailand cooking and she says she has to go on the road to Thailand

the new David Thompson restaurant going to open up here in about a month's time. Recently and I bought a secret Royal Thai recipe that's supposedly not in print anymore which I'm David Thompson is actually going to use part of that book to two bases new menus on freeway of all right well we pop thank you so much for calling I can't wait till we can see you back in the States we got to get you back I got to get you back to the States back stateside

alright thank you so much thank you baby by another minute so this this then was the inaugural version of cooking issues the show on Heritage Radio Network today cooking issues is brought to you by the porterhouse and the Potter house now what could that be polished off entire bottle of one of their one of their family vineyards wines hear the Kerner estate Chardonnay and we appreciate that they are they are the sponsor of the show thank you for listening and come back next Tuesday

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